Beatles expert Mark Lewisohn

Author takes a forensic investigation approach to Beatles history

Mark Lewisohn has made it his life’s work to follow every lead and record the fullest possible history of the Fab Four with ‘The Beatles: All These Years.’

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Living with the Luck of Eden Hall – 25 Years of Chicago’s Finest


Remember when ten years was a long time for a band to be around?  When the Stones hit that milestone in 1972-73, there was a serious flurry of “when you gonna quit?”s from writers and fans who simply couldn’t conceive …

Big Noise from Little Annie – and a PledgeMusic Campaign, Too


It’s hard – and, to be truthful, faintly absurd – to believe it’s thirty-three years since Annie Anxiety first avalanched into our lives, an irresistible miniature bundle of dynamite apparently imported from New York into the world of the UK’s …

Bessie Smith’s voice rings out loud and clear on Columbia 14527

Bessie Smith photo courtesy Blues Images

Is it talent or is it studio technology? In the case of Bessie Smith’s recording of ‘Blue Spirit Blues’ on the Columbia label, the answer is a bit of both.

Sending Postcards from the Deep… the Last Box Set You Will Buy This Year


Okay, what do you really want from a box set? Loads of discs.  That’s a no-brainer.  They still proliferate, of course, but the appeal of the mere three or four discer has long been surpassed by more sprawling concoctions that …

The Fog on the Tyne is STILL all Mine (and yours and everyone else’s)


There was a moment there… just a moment, but we loved it while it lingered… when it seriously looked like Lindisfarne were about to become the biggest band in the land.  And another moment, and we loved that too, when …

The hunt for long-lost albums can lead to the Classic Music Vault

Dean Sciarra Classic Music Vault

Just because the ’60s and ’70s are in past doesn’t mean the era’s music and artists should be forgotten, says Dean Sciarra of Classic Music Vault.

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