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10 Minutes with Yoko Ono


Even John Lennon might have been surprised at how successful Ono has become in the realm of dance music. In the new century, she has landed 19 songs in the Top 30 of the Hot Dance Club Play charts.

Goldmine chatted with Ono about her career as a dance music artist.

Whatever Chocolate Brown wants, Chocolate Brown gets

Chocolate Brown You Got What I WAnt Paramount12978

In 1930, Blind Blake was one of Paramount’s biggest-selling artists in a career that started in 1926. But since it was during The Great Depression, record sales — along with everything else — plummeted, so he picked up plenty of side gigs, including one with Chocolate Brown.

Catch up with Bad Company guitarist Mick Ralphs

Bad Company

Could Bad Company be the most American British band ever? The band’s music plays with almost comic frequency on classic rock radio stations to this day, and its popularity is evidenced by Rhino’s recent 180-gram vinyl reissues of the band’s first two albums. Guitarist Mick Ralphs talks about living life large and in charge next to Led Zeppelin and both bands’ big man, Peter Grant.

Perception is reality for singer-songwriter P.F. Sloan

P.F. Sloan publicity photo

There’s a lot going on in the world according to P.F. Sloan. For starters, his biography, ‘What’s Exactly The Matter With Me?,’ reads like a musical version of ‘Forrest Gump.’ (And that doesn’t even touch upon the parts of Sloan’s memoirs that even he admits are bizarre.) So what is reality? Sloan has offered up his take here; we’ll leave it up to you (and a box of salt) to decide.