10 Albums: Shawn Rosenblatt of Netherfriends

By Peter Lindblad

Shawn Rosenblatt (Daffodil Publicity)

Shawn Rosenblatt (Daffodil Publicity)

A psychedelic-pop “band,” in the loosest sense of the word, Chicago’s Netherfriends has been turning heads with their insanely infectious yet utterly distinctive ear candy.

Most often brought to life as a trio, Netherfriends is Shawn Rosenblatt’s playground. The singer/guitarist/keyboard player is also a master of utilizing samples to flesh out the group’s sound.

Netherfriends were recently signed by the indie lable Emergency Umbrella.

The 10 albums that changed his life:

The Zombies: Odessey And Oracle
[The] best ’60s psych-pop album. Some say [it’s the] most overrated, but I ask them to name a song that isn’t amazing on this album — timeless production.

Bob Dylan:
Another Side of Bob Dylan
The complete opposite of what I do recording-wise, and [it] taught me that lyrics and melody will always be the most important aspect of a song.

Paul McCartney: RAM
My roommate bought this on record because he wanted to decorate our kitchen with funny album covers. I was scolded by a friend for destroying such a perfect pop album. Finally got around to listening to it and couldn’t agree more! I am pretty surprised this album wasn’t as huge as it should of been!

Sigur Ros: ( )
[The] first album I bought that wasn’t a rock/pop band. [It] inspired me to write syllabic lyrics.

Randy Newman: Sail Away
This is songwriting that should be studied in school! The orchestration will make you cry. It’s perfect, even if you don’t like his voice.

Animal Collective: Feels
[I] bought this record in high school because I liked the name of the band. The rest is history.

Jon Brion: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind soundtrack
This inspired me to pursue music composition. Unbelievably sad and powerful underscore to an all-right movie.

Panda Bear:
Person Pitch
Nothing is better than hearing an album 2,000 times and finding new sounds with each listen.

Beach Boys: Friends/Smiley Smile
[Ed. note: This is a reissue of two earlier albums released as one in 1974]

[I] got this record on vinyl for free, and [it] finally confirmed that The Beach Boys’ best songs aren’t about the beach or summer. [I] spent most of summer 2007 with friends smoking hookah and listening to this record.

Why?: Alopecia
[The] most-listened-to album on my iTunes. This guy is a word artist! Closest thing to hip hop on my iPod.

Calling You Out is Netherfriends’ debut EP, and it’s a multi-layered affair, incorporating synthesizers, lonely piano and even glockenspiels to do Rosenblatt’s bidding. And, as his bio says, at the moment, he plays live with a number of different musical mercenaries.

Go to netherfriends.blogspot.com to read more musings from Rosenblatt and company.


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  1. I like almost any song on below. What’s the matter with myself? Hug the Girl will be best, however. POST even had the particular one on my ipod touch. Pertaining to, for instance, heavy lifting with the gym. Yeah, that’s just what it was…

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