10 bands snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

By Phill Marder

When the 2011 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductions took place March 14, 2011,  just one band — Alice Cooper — was inducted. Strange, as there are many bands worthy of the honor, but thus far denied. Trying to name just 10 is a daunting
assignment, but here is a list — in alphabetical order — of some of the bands most deserving of induction.

Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet1. BON JOVI
Nominated but rejected in 2011, the New Jersey group continues a 27-year run as a true worldwide supergroup. A string of No. 1 albums in at least 10 countries, sold-out concerts around the globe, induction into the U.K. Hall of Fame, Bon Jovi has achieved popularity rarely equaled in rock history. However, as it seems with many popular bands, critics treat them with disdain as does a vocal minority. Whether their musical talent lives up to your expectations is irrelevant. Their success speaks for the band and the gazillion followers who believe they are the real deal — naysayers be damned.

The Cars Heartbeat City

Contemporaries Blondie and The Talking Heads already have been inducted, but The Cars, arguably the most successful and talented of the bands that broke through in the late ’70s and carried through to the ’80s, have thus far been ignored. Producers of great singles, albums, and award-winning videos, The Cars had the chops and delivered the goods with regularity. Perhaps a reported reunion will re-focus the spotlight on this most talented of bands.


Chicago3. CHICAGO
It has been reported that this group is now the most successful U.S. band in Billboard chart history. Baseball’s Pete Rose, who has the most hits in history, is not in that Hall of Fame, either. With Rose, there are extenuating circumstances. With Chicago, well, maybe there are, too, for there are really two distinct Chicagos — early and later versions — despite the constant presence of keyboardist Robert Lamm and the horn section of Lee Loughnane, Walt Parazaider and James Pankow. The original group, with Peter Cetera on bass, Danny Seraphine on drums and Terry Kath (supposedly Jimi Hendrix’ favorite guitarist) was as creative and innovative a band as rock and roll has produced.


Bruce Springsteen was inducted in 1999. Along with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Springsteen is one of the greatest individual talents in the history of rock and roll. It’s likely he would have achieved that status with just his guitar and harmonica. But his band, “the mighty E-Street Band” as Bruce calls it, helped build the Springsteen legend with unequaled concert performances. Only the bands of James Brown could compare, but even they would come up short against this assemblage. The late Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici, Roy Bittan, Garry Tallent, , Nils Lofgren, Max Weinberg and Steven Van Zandt also were with “The Boss” in most of his studio sessions.


The Guess Who American Woman5. THE GUESS WHO
Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, Garry Peterson and Jim Kale and later Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw is one of the greatest bands to emerge from Canada. Musicianship without peer, songwriting genius, a great lead vocalist in Cummings and terrific harmony, The Guess Who was a chart fixture from 1969 to 1974, despite unconventional singles that dealt with a myriad of controversial topics. But, they were capable of expressing just plain romantic lyrics, too. For example: “Kill your kid sister and murder your dad, rip the lashes off of your eyes. Slaughter all your cattle and burn your crops if you’re dancing with another guy.” Maybe you have to be Canadian, eh, but their albums remain great listening.


6. HEARTHeart Dreamboat Annie
The Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy, are still touring and bringing down the house, Ann’s voice soaring above the band and all others around. I prefer the initial Heart to the ’80s version, but the induction of the Wilson sisters is the key, much as would be the induction of Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America.


Kiss Rock And Roll Over7. KISS
Denied two years ago, these masters of makeup and marketing were left off the induction list this year in favor of the Alice Cooper Band. Now that Alice has gained induction, perhaps KISS will get its due recognition. No matter your opinion, KISS has been one of the most successful bands of the rock and roll era.


8. THE MOODY BLUESThe Moody Blues Days of Future Passed
It is hard to fathom a band this talented and successful unacknowledged by the Hall of Fame. With little support from hit singles, the Moodies have dominated the U.K and U.S. charts since 1968. With three carryovers from “Days of Future Passed” — John Lodge, Justin Hayward and Graeme Edge — The Moody Blues continue today to play before sellout crowds. Their past albums remain vessels carrying listeners to magical lands, rocking at times, mystical and beautiful almost always.


Paul Revere And The Raiders9. PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS
Just when did rock and roll have to be so serious? Not while this band is around, that’s for sure. The Raiders are not just a guilty pleasure. They were one helluva great rock band with a lead singer — Mark Lindsay — who was second to none. When Lindsay growled “You been steppin’ out with the cobbler” or “I’m not your steppin’ stone,” there was little doubt he meant business. Showmen superb, The Raiders wore Revolutionary War uniforms, performed synchronized dance routines and destroyed equipment (in fun, not anger) on stage. But through all the clowning came the music, a series of great hard-rock singles and albums. The material, almost all group written, since has been covered by The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, The Flamin’ Groovies and Sammy Hagar as well as many others. Revere still has a hot band performing today if you want to see a terrific live show.

10. RUSHRush 2112
If this trio was not included, Goldmine’s offices might be stormed by angry throngs, as a recent Goldmine online poll about prog-rock music was swamped by Rush supporters. Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson have been churning out masterful recordings since 1974. Members of the Canadian Hall of Fame, as is The Guess Who, Rush dazzles audiences with its instrumental mastery. Vocalist Geddy Lee may be an acquired taste, but the same could be said of many current inductees, including Tom Waits, Dr. John and Leon Russell from this year alone.

117 thoughts on “10 bands snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  1. Poco, Deep Purple & Todd Rundgren should also be strongly considered.
    Not to sound like a broken record (or CD, or whatever), but Deep Purple and Todd Rundgren were featured in “Great Blogs Of Fire” (go to blogs) as two that definitely belong in the Hall of Fame.

  2. The E-Street Band??? You’ve got to be kidding!!!
    What about the Moody Blues???
    Hey Bernie, can you read???? No. 8 is The Moody Blues!!! And not to sound like a broken record (or CD, or whatever), but The Moody Blues were featured in “Great Blogs Of Fire” (go to blogs) as one group that definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame.

    Not to sound like a broken record (or CD, or whatever), but Jethro Tull was featured in “Great Blogs Of Fire” (go to blogs) as one group that definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame

  4. You left out the Monkees. I know why they aren’t in there–Jann Wenner hates them–but they should be in there. And if anyone needed a little push to get them in there, listen to the recently re-released “Head” movie soundtrack on vinyl. It is absolutely incredible, the re-release of the year. So many things began with the Monkees, and so many musicians were influenced by them, that keeping them out is almost akin to forgetting Thomas Jefferson when you talk about our country’s founding fathers. And their music holds up to this day. Both Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Monkees should go in at the same time. They represent an era when music was fun, an era that was led by the Beatles with many, many followers. The Raiders and Monkees followed, but they blazed their own paths to greatness.
    Not to sound like a broken record (or CD, or whatever), The Monkees were featured in “Great Blogs Of Fire” (go to blogs) as one group that definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame.

  5. Until really innovative prog-rock bands such as Jethro Tull,Yes,ELP,Gentle Giant,Steeleye Span,Tempest,Focus and more recent prog bands such as Spocks Beard,Dream Theatre,Magellan.Symphony-X & others are inducted the Rock’n’Roll HOF should NEVER be taken seriously by anyone !!! Thank you.

  6. Where are the Doobie Brothers????????
    As long as Jann Wenner and his Cronies are deciding factors-Forget most of these great artists.
    Keep reading “Great Blogs Of Fire.” Doobie Brothers on the horizon.

  7. Bon Jovi???? Give me a GD break! A totally made up studio band. Where’s Hall and Oates…..
    Hall & Oates was one of the first covered in this series concerning artists who should be in the Hall of Fame. Check out the blog “Great Blogs Of Fire.” They were not included in this piece because they are considered a duo, not a band.

  8. Good List…..

    I’ll go along with Rush, The Moody Blues, The E-Street Band, Chicago and The Cars, when some of the past inductees have been absurd choices.

  9. Yes! H&O the biggest duo of all-time not in the Hall is shameful as well as Todd Rundgren and many of the above-mentioned bands. I think they the innovators should be inducted first before bands like Bon Jovi who came along later. I like Bon, don’t get me wrong but without the artists who came before them there would be no Jovi or other bands who have come later.

    Come on Jann, play fair!

  10. Grand Funk Railroad. WHERE’S Grand Funk? The first band to earn 10 consecutive platinum albums and sold out Shea Stadium in 72 hours, faster than the Beatles! GFR is 3 piece powerhouse that has been overlooked for far too long.
    As noted previously, Grand Funk will be roaring down the “Great Blogs Of Fire” track soon!

  11. mountain…leslie west and that “fat” guitar sound…let’s not forget felixon bass and at controls…total injustice!!!

  12. Phill hit all three of mine – Chicago, the Guess Who, and the Moodies – there is absolutely no reason to continue to reject these guys. And all three started in the 60’s and either continue to play or were successfully and rockingly reunited in the 21st century. And the word “musicianship” – doesn’t that count for anything? The Hall continues to be a fraud and a personal Jann Wenner fiefdom, so I will stay away.

    P.S. – great article.

  13. Steppenwolf. “Born to be Wild” – that’s all you really need to know.
    The Wolf will be prowling “Great Blogs Of Fire” soon.

  14. All worthy, along with many others. The key point being an artist with a track record in ROCK AND ROLL. Abba? Donna Summer? Maybe the Pop and Disco HoF, but the ROCK Hall? Sorry, don’t see it!

    Seems to me the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is hanging the curtains before they’ve finished the foundation.

    A missing brick in the foundation? Link Wray.

    Scratch that, he should be the cornerstone of that place.

  15. When are we going to see a journalist with balls track down Jann Wenner and his band of idiots and ask these hard questions? RUSH is 3rd only behind the Beatles and Stones for consecutive Platinum album sales!
    “Great Blogs Of Fire” has been doing it all year !!! Including a feature on Rush.

  16. Personally, I think Bon Jovi exemplifies mediocrity. However, I can understand the case for including them in the R&R Hall of Fame. What isn’t excusable is including them on a list for the Hall of Fame and leaving The Monkees off. Regular readers of Goldmine and fans of sunshine and power pop know the case to be made for them.
    If you’re a regular reader of Goldmine, you know that “Great Blogs of Fire” made the case for the Monkees not long ago.

  17. I cannot believe that the Monkees are still not in the Hall of Fame. It is a shame that one person from the Hall is preventing them from getting in. They deserve this honor and their fans want to see them get in!!

  18. I agree with the listing but give my greatest support to the PR & Raiders. They fit every criterion, they wrote most of their hits, great show/live band and had mega hits so….what’s the deal?
    On a side note I do a 6 cd retrospect of music from 40 years before for Xmas gifts to friends. (I have a huge LP collection) A few years back when I did 1967 there were 4 songs by the Raiders on the set due to their STRONG release Spirit of ’67-one of the best Lps of that year.
    Just saw them live again this year and they still sound great for a bunch of geezers.
    Has T.rex been inducted? if not I would say ELECTRIC WARRIOR needs to enter.
    T Rex has not been inducted

  19. Grand Funk Railroad- the band that sold out Shea stadium faster than the Beatles; had 10 consecutive gold albums while getting very little air play and widely recognized as the “People’s band”,whose live performances are legendary,has been snubbed long enough by the Rock Hall.Also, add the Doobies,Steppenwolf,Deep Purple,and Rush to that list.
    I think Rush is on the list. as for the others, see other comments

  20. This is a confusing article, because it makes it seem like these are the bands you think should be in the HOF rather than all of the bands you’ve been discussing on the Great Blogs of Fire. Perhaps if you said something about that in the first paragraph, you wouldn’t get all of these kinds of responses.

    Just saying.

    Meghan…you’re correct. This article is a reprint of one that appeared in the magazine edition of Goldmine last year. As it notes in the introduction, I was limited to 10 “bands,” while “Great Blogs of Fire” runs weekly, spotlighting a neglected artist each week. It’s currently on hiatus waiting for the Hall of Fame’s most recent voting to be announced and we’re busy on a super special project. But every former article is available for view under blogs at the top of the page.

  21. I tend to disagree with most of the potential entrants on the list of 10 bands above. My criteria focus more on real innovation and influence. Of these 10, I feel only the Moody Blues and possibly The Cars make that grade. I like a bunch of the others a LOT, but that doesn’t mean they should be in the HoF. Of other potential contenders, I feel Yes and Jethro Tull should be in as well.

    Many of these other bands are POPULAR and have been around for a long time, so if that is the criteria, then Pat Boone should have been in a long time ago. He had so many pop hits that he’s 9th on the list of hit-making artists 1955-1995. Just food for thought….
    Yes & Jethro Tull were both featured in “Great Blogs of Fire” this year (see blogs, above) as was an essay on “influence” & a lengthy set of comments on Pat Boone. Happy eating !!

  22. All those great bands! Tull, Yes, The E Street Band, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, all famous, all entrenched in the hall of fame of our hearts. But here’s another level of indignity. How about an influential space rock band that has made over 34 albums (twice as many as Pink Floyd) spanning four decades.., and nobody on this side of the world has heard of them: Hawkwind. Dave Brock et al are still performing. And there’s precious little rock music around that has such a long exhalted history when it comes to not only “thinking outside the box” both musically and thematically, but in leaving all those little pink-ish boxes far, far below.
    But Hawkwind and lot of desreving groups will never be considered, because that hall in Cleveland -it’s not about Music; it’s about money, and a cliquey ugly kind of prestige. Pretty hollow really.
    I’m pretty sure I remember a feature on Hawkind in a Goldmine issue last year.

  23. With the exception of Paul Revere, no thanks to the others. How about the Flying Burrito Bros and Poco who created a whole new genre?
    I’m a fan of both, especially Poco, but weren’t the Byrds performing that whole new genre long before?

  24. I agree with nearly all of the artists that have been mentioned by those responding….especially The Moody Blues, Grand Funk Railroad, The Guess Who, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Rush, The Monkees, The Doobie Brothers, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Steppenwolf & Chicago. I would also like to give a thumbs up to Three Dog Night, Herman’s Hermits & Johnny Rivers.
    Johnny Rivers & Herman’s Hermits were featured in “Great Blogs Of Fire,” while Three Dog Night is on the 2012 schedule.

  25. I agree with all of them EXCEPT Bon Jovi. But that’s just because I think they are officially the MOST overrated rock band that has ever walked the face of rock and roll! What the heck people have seen in this band for the past couple of decades is beyond me. They weren’t original, they weren’t groundbreaking, their music is extremely pedestrian. What is it?! Why do people keep coming back to this band so they can have another helping?! And I am a supporter of Grand Funk Railroad for the H.O.F.! People need to realize there was a whole lot more to this band’s history than just “We’re An American Band.” From 1969 to 1972, this was a band that spoke for the early ’70s half of the hippie generation. Take one look at the Shea Stadium footage and there you have it.

  26. Forget Bon Jovi! Please add Ten Years After, Yes, Deep Purple, Mountain, GFR, King Crimson and Steppenwolf. Rock and Roll would not be where it is today without them.

  27. There are a number of groups I can think of. Grand Funk, Spirit, early Chicago, Bonnie and Delaney, Faces and others I play on my show.

  28. The Electric Prunes
    13th Floor Elevators
    Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs
    Question Mark & The Mysterians
    Dick Dale

  29. Surprised none of the other respondees included the always-overlooked Cheap Trick, still playing after all these years, and who had been influential on a number of bands that were big in the 90s (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, to name a few who have cited Cheap Trick as an influence).
    Cheap Trick is featured in a most recent “Great Blogs Of Fire” segment.

  30. As a lifelong Rush fan, since 1974, having Rush inducted now is a slap in the face. I’m really sorry but Donna Summer and ABBA are musical acts and not rock or roll. The Rock and Roll HOF can go to hell. Somebody is making a lot of money to keep legit bands out. Must be an Obama thing.

  31. …Cliff Richard and the Shadows deserve it….but they are nobody in USA..!!
    Cliff Richard & The Shadows were profiled earlier in “Great Blogs Of Fire”

  32. Yeah, Rush are far and away the best of this group, followed by the guess who….funny that Rush are still huge towards the end of their run, none of those others can say that ( I don’t include Bon jovi, thats not music….talk about a voice thats an acquired taste)!

  33. There is not one single artist either on the above list, or mentioned in anyone’s comments, that should be in ahead of Doug Sahm. I would wholeheartedly agree with Mike M. in his comment, “My criteria focus more on real innovation and influence.” Someone mentioned Pat Boone … besides laughing at this suggestion, I doubt he had any influence over anyone, but rather the opposite, he was influenced by many of the R&B artists that he covered and made generic soul less cover versions of their great songs. A good singer, yes; an artist, no. Also Tom Dowd should have been in a long time ago. And as to the Rush suggestions … I have always found their music to be so detestable that I cannot objectively comment on that, except to say that they would NEVER get my vote for inclusion, well, at least not until after a few hundred other artists were in first. Tony Riley had some good suggestions above, and I would agree on the Doobie Brothers.

  34. Al, I’d go along with Doug Sahm too! Also Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps,and Jr. Walker & The AllStars. I do think the concept of the Hall of Fame is a bit overblown – I’m not sure any real old school rock band started off aiming to end up there. With modern acts, it’s probably in their business plan.
    Gene Vincent was inducted in 1998

  35. How many times can one say – The Miracles. Sadly Marvin Tarplin passed away without receiving this “honor”. The RRHOF should pay a bit more attention to their own criteria.

    Gotta love the fact that Bobby Rogers Miracles uniform is in the hall, but not the group.

    I vote for a new Hall of Fame based on public votes – All in favor please raise your hand!
    I am now typing with one hand! And check out the “Great Blogs Of Fire” article on the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.

  36. can’t argue about the worthiness of the guess who, paul revere and the raiders and ESPECIALLY THE MOODYS, but not so sure about bon jovi or heart.

  37. Jeanne said:

    “How many times can one say – The Miracles. Sadly Marvin Tarplin passed away without receiving this “honor”. The RRHOF should pay a bit more attention to their own criteria.

    Gotta love the fact that Bobby Rogers Miracles uniform is in the hall, but not the group.

    I vote for a new Hall of Fame based on public votes – All in favor please raise your hand!”

    Jeanne is 100% RIGHT !! The MIRACLES should have BEEN INDUCTED a LONG time ago !! How in the world can you leave out MOTOWN’S FIRST GROUP ?? the group that ESTABLISHED Motown ? The group who’s success opened the doors for all of the rest ?? And induct SMOKEY ALONE ?? Like he was in the studio recording all of those hits BY HIMSELF ??


    …So WHY are all of these artists inducted, while The Miracles are not ??

    Their SONGS are in the Hall Of Fame.
    Their LEAD SINGER is in the Hall of Fame.
    Their CLOTHES are in the Hall of Fame.
    BUT THEY’RE NOT ??? WHY ???
    My man Topcat is in the house!

  38. The rock and roll hall of fame (not worthy of CAPS) is a JOKE and a SHAM with inductees like Miles Davis and Leonard Cohen (I thought it was rock and roll???), but not true deserving ROCKERS of the 50’s, let alone the 60’s and 70’s. UN-inductees should feel proud. As Groucho Marx once said, “I wouldn’t be a member of an organization that wouldn’t have me as a member”!

  39. So many great bands not in the Hall of Fame, so many lame ones that are.
    It seems that progressive rock is starting to gain some respect, so that bodes well for King Crimson, Rush, Jethro Tull, Yes, ELP and Hawkwind, all of whom deserve to be enshrined.
    I am stunned that T.Rex have not been honored.
    Grand Funk Railroad clearly deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
    However, the most egregious snub continues to be Deep Purple. They deserve enshrinement on the merits of “Smoke on the Water” alone, yet they were so much more….multiple gold and platinum albums, legendary live shows….”the loudest band in the world!”….they embody rock and roll, but some to think of it so does another loud band from England…..I nominate Motorhead !

  40. The worst snub of all is definitely Chicago. How can you leave the one band who has sold more records than any other US-based band out? The original version of the band was far and away the greatest, most versatile band ever to come from this side of the Atlantic. And they weren’t afraid to speak what was on their minds, including directly confronting Richard Nixon, musically, at Carnegie Hall with “A Song For Richard And His Friends.” And this was a full year before the Watergate break-in even took place. Robert Lamm had it exactly right with “kind of a wishful thought about wishing President Nixon would quit.” Well, history proved him right!!!

    And I agree with all the posters about all the other acts mentioned so far. Because of Jan Wennner and his friend’s politics, Chicago and all of the other artists mentioned here will continue to get snubbed. This should be the rock hall’s greatest hour, but instead it continues to be a hall of lame.

  41. Robert Lamm: here’s kind of a wishful thought about wishing Jan Wenner would go away:

    Please be gone
    Go away and leave us alone
    Pray for release
    Go away and leave us in peace.

    (excerpted from A Song For Richard And His Friends – Chicago At Carnegie Hall)

    Chicago should have been in long ago.

  42. I would say Yes, King Crimson, ELP, I’m glad the article included the Moody Blues they are way overdue but so are the ones I just mentioned.

  43. It is shame that such important bands like Grand Funk Railroad and Emerson, Lake and Palmer are not even mentioned while much less significant musicians who has little or nothing to do with RnR were indicted to RRHOF.

  44. Hi, Phill !! Yes, I’m back! How are you ?

    To Firedome: Gotta love that name !! DeSoto Firedome Hemi V-8’s FOREVER !!

  45. R.I.P. to recently deceased original Miracles member MARV TARPLIN (June 13, 1941 – September 30, 2011) .An ASCAP AWARD OF MERIT winner, also winner of the BMI SONGWRITERS AWARD, Chosen by British Music magazine MOJO as one of the 100 GREATEST GUITARISTS OF ALL TIME.Prolific songwriter, having co-written some of Motown’s biggest hits with Smokey and the other Miracles…including MY GIRL HAS GONE, THE LOVE I SAW IN YOU WAS JUST A MIRAGE, POINT IT OUT , I LIKE IT LIKE THAT,AIN’T THAT PECULIAR,I’LL BE DOGGONE, CRUSIN’, and the man who composed and played one of the greatest opening guitar riffs of all time…the beginning of the Grammy Hall of Fame Winner “THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS”.Sadly, he died not seeing the MIRACLES get inducted into the RRHOF, But he at least got his star with the rest of the Miracles when the group was honored by THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME on 3/20/2009. Marv…you WILL be missed !!!

  46. MARV TARPLIN also co-wrote GOING TO A GO-GO , one of the MIRACLES’ biggest hits…later covered by The Rolling Stones.

  47. The Rock & Roll Hall of Shame is a big FARCE. Based on record sale alone, Grand Funk Railroad should be in it. If the day ever come when Mark, Don & Mel get into the Hall of Shame, the people who run this farce should offer them a BIG apology and kiss their ### and admit what narrowmindedness they have shown the world in their exclusion. I will NEVER set foot in the RRHOF until justice is served and the ORIGINAL Grand Funk Railroad is inducted.

  48. The big difference between THE MIRACLES and all of those other acts, is that Jann Wenners’ own ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE had already chosen them one of it’s TOP 50 IMMORTALS-THE 50 GREATEST ARTISTS OF ALL TIME-not once …but TWICE- in 2004, and AGAIN this year (2011). But , in one of the worst cases of bias and politics in Rock Hall history,They only inducted SMOKEY, and left the other Miracles, BOBBY ROGERS , PETE MOORE, RONNIE WHITE, CLAUDETTE ROBINSON, MARV TARPLIN, and BILLY GRIFFIN out in the cold.How can The Miracles be in their Top 50 IMMORTALS list….yet not get inducted ?? The Miracles were Motown’s first group…and the most covered Motown group of all time.over 50 of their songs have been covered by literally SCORES of other acts. They also have the most GRAMMY HALL OF FAME inducted songs of ANY Motown group. More even than THE SUPREMES and THE TEMPTATIONS. But, The MIRACLES STILL aren’t inducted after 26 YEARS !!
    Topcat –

    Remember, this article was limited to “bands” only. For the unfamiliar, the Miracles, who I consider a vocal group, were covered in No. 13 of the “Great Blogs Of Fire” series.


  49. Deep Purple >> Ian Paice, least of which being the greatest left-handed drummer, he’s been hittin’ that rimshot for almost 50 yrs, he deserves a wing of that bldg.

    Steve Miller

    Loggins and Messina

  50. How about female rockers of the 1970s & 1980s?

    Let’s start with the first woman who paved the way for the rest of them after the 1960s.

    Linda Ronstadt who was criticized for not having been a songwriter during her hey day. The singer-songwriter era’s dominance of the charts ended in 1979. So it’s time to stop using the decades-old criticism that Linda didn’t write her own music as an excuse to diminish her significance in rock history.

    Great artists who did not write all of their own music and remade older hits from other artists into new ones for themselves include Robert Plant, Elvis Presley, The Pretenders, Elton John, Donna Summer, James Taylor, The Eagles, Aretha Franklin, Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, Heart, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Blondie, The Grateful Dead, The Doobie Brothers, etc…

    Greats and supposed pop greats including Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Cher, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and current superstars like Beyonce have not written all their own music either.

    Linda Ronstadt IS Rock ‘n Roll:

    “Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me”
    “Can’t Let Go”
    “Hurts So Bad”
    “That’ll Be the Day”
    “You’re No Good”
    “Tumbling Dice”
    “Livin’ In the USA”
    “Just One Look”
    “It’s So Easy”
    “How Do I Make You?”
    “Get Closer”
    “All That You Dream”
    “Mad Love”…
    …the list goes on.

    Secondly, Ronstadt was singled out for criticism for having sung at Sun City in South Africa even though many other popular artists have reportedly performed there – Dame Kiri Janette Te Kanawa, Elaine Page, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Elton John, Sarah Brightman, Julio Iglesias, The O’Jays, Boney M., Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick et al. So why has it only been held against Ronstadt?

    One more thing, as of 2011, despite Linda Ronstadt’s hitting the music charts beginning in the late 1960s, Linda is still not in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Nor is Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, or Heart.
    This story is limited to bands, not soloists. Linda Ronstadt was covered very early in this series. You can find the story by looking at the top of the right-hand column. Heart also has been previously featured in the “Great Blogs of Fire.” Stevie Nicks has not because she’s already been inducted as a member of Fleetwood Mac and Pat Benatar may come later.

  51. Not a bad list, although I have trouble with the Cars being worthy. Todd Rundgren has been overlooked as well. Innovative, outside the box writer, musician, engineer, producer.
    Todd was featured earlier in “Great Blogs Of Fire.”

  52. How can the RRHOF be taken seriously? What is looked at as the RRHOF is no more than some persons (JW) personal “like list” !
    What the world needs is a “REAL”, TRUTHFUL, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not someones list of their favs !!

  53. The current RRHOF is a sad joke. It is a black eye on the face of Rock and Roll. and I can not believe everyone puts up with it! It is a shame, an abomination of true rockers and what bands like RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, and GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, TODD RUNDGREN, and so many many more have given to the Rock and Roll Fans of the world. The person in control of the RRHOF is an absolute clueless when it comes to Rock and Roll, just clueless!!

  54. The rock and roll hall of fame is a joke… All of the bands listed above should all get in. Wht do they keep pushing to induct Donna Summers- SHE IS DISCO!!! If I had free tickets to see Donna Summer to hand out or pay for any of these others bands listed… I would gladly pay to see any of these other bands. When the mentioned bands are asked about this-they know it’s a big F…ing joke. The bands are more upset for us.. the fans.

  55. Steve Miller Band
    Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
    Along with some other commenters, I think that the RR HOF is a crock, but as long as it exists it needs to stop overlooking rock and roll such as the two groups above–they had lots of talent, played original songs with skill, and were famous and influential enough.

  56. What about the Monkees? They are shunned because they started out as a tv show and lip synced their first songs. They turned it around and became iconic. I saw them perform in Milwaukee this summer and were one of the best survivor bands I have seen in years.
    Dan –
    Look to the right column under “most popular” for “Monkees top banana in race for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

  57. Poco, putting out high quality country rock for over 40 years now. I first heard “Pickin’ Up The Pieces” in high school, and they are still putting out excellent music. Don Henley should thank them for the idea!

  58. JAN & DEAN … Hitmakers from the late 50’s Do-Whop, to surf, to comedy (Batman album), into motion pictures – they were the Monkees before anyone conceived of the Monkees! Jan was a protege of Brian Wilson and a partner in the studio. A symphonic album. Top Ten hits (Surf CIty was #1). Dean sang on another #1 song, Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys.

    Phil @ PrayForSurf dot net

    Phil – This article is for bands only. Jan & Dean is a vocal duo. However, if you go to No. 16 in the “Great Blogs Of Fire” series under blogs, you’ll find “From Surf City to Pasadena to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?” which appeared back on January 18. – Phill

  59. What about TOTO?? This Group has members who’s discography is more than any group put together. It’s a shame they are never mentioned or even put in an article on Goldmine let alone the Hall of Fame. But they are used to being shunned. They have been since 1985.

  60. All good choices but I definately would add Grand Funk Railroad. They were so successful yet don’t seem to get the respect they deserve.

  61. i think White Witch should get some mojo. two of the greatest pure rock albums ever recorded and on the allman brothers label to boot.
    i guess it’s just me but the guess who is a band i always change the radio station when there music comes on. i guess they just suck

  62. Without a doubt Grank Funk Railroad should be the RRHOF. It makes me mad to see non Rockers in there and some really great bands on the sidelines. You should play Rock to get in there..hence the name, and Grank Funk is still rocking today. Just seen Mark Farner in August..dream come true. He was UNBELIEVABLE…can’t wait to see him again. Wake up rrhof committee….live the truth….it is all about Rock, lets get some of these great bands in there. RRHOF needs Grand Funk and don’t forget Rush, Heart, Deep Purple not enough room….sorry Rock ON!!!!!Love ya Mark…thanks for the music!!!

  63. I agree with the above about Linda Ronstadt, she was the biggest female star of the 70s, but I think her snub has more to do with the critics trying to keep her in a place while she moved on to other endeavors. Not a big Rush fan, the Moodys and Yes should get in before them, Heart may have their shot this year. I don’t think the Guess Who were popular enough for long enough, and while they went on to later success the parts don’t warrant consideration any more than several other bands. Kiss just isn’t serious enough musically for those who vote on entry, the makeup will always make some consider them a gimmick band. Maybe the same feeling with Paul Revere & the Raiders. The Cars never were taken as seriously as some of the “artsier” contemporaries, and flamed out and went downhill fast once the 80s came. Chicago has maybe the best case, their first 6 or 7 albums set the trend for jazz-oriented big band rock, and certainly outlasted and influenced many others from that time. But the steep dropoff into MOR sappiness leaves a bad taste in many people’s mouths who cringe at any mention of the name. That leaves the biggest embarassment to the state of NJ, the epitome of “video made the radio star”, the hair band that defines the sexual divide of music. Mention the name of that band in NJ and women will squeal and men will vomit. Ask the women what they like about them and the answers have NOTHING to do with what they claim is music produced by those hacks. It is always “He’s so hot/cute”, “he’s such a nice guy” or “he’s so generous with his charities.” Male responses are pretty consistent: ” they suck” “they are Springsteen wannabes”, “wouldn’t even make a good bar band.” They had their perfunctory shot last year, now if they want to get in the Hall, buy a ticket like the rest of us. There are many other bands who sell tons of records that haven’t even been considered, Prog bands and waiting to see how the early 80s synth bands are considered, if at all. Many are still releasing product, selling out shows and wildly popular as well. I also think the Rock Hall is no place for rap, Madonna or Donna Summer. The E Street Band should get consideration in the side men category.

  64. Sub24….well said and good points all. Now I happen to be a huge Rush fan and find it appalling that they are not included. Agree with you on your assessment of Linda Ronstadt, and Chicago. Would love to see YES in…and it is hard to argue that KISS did not change the way Rock music is marketed…everyone from Jimmy Buffett to Anthrax should collectively smooth Kiss’ behind for their “bull” marketing tactics…and $ is what it is all about…right or wrong. My testimony for Rush would include that it is undeniable that they are musically more talented than a large number of those already in…they have sold an enormous number of records…more than most of those listed above…save Bon Jovi and maybe Heart…and, most importantly….they are STILL significant! While most bands from the 70’s and 80’s are knocking around in casinos or teaming with 3 other bands to fill half an outdoor arena Rush still plays alone, for 3+ hours and sells out….2 nights in Madison Square Garden last year…
    The defence rests!

  65. I’d actually be more pleased if Rush never gets in OR if they do get inducted, they opt to not show up. In fact, I think it would be awesome if Rush & Kiss were on the same ballot and they decide to do a “nostalgia show” (since Rush opened for Kiss in the early days) for charity the night of the induction ceremony with a simple post on their respective websites stating “Sorry RRHOF but, we’ve got more important things to do this evening.”

    While I don’t elevate Rush beyond some of the greats in the Hall, with some of the inductees in recent years coupled with the obvious omissions caused by the farce that is the committee that heads it, Rush and many others still on the outside are far and away above the petty, close-minded opinions of those douchebags.

  66. Why wasn’t King Crimson on this list instead of Bon Jovi? And another thing, there is something wrong when the “Beastie Boys” go in the HOF and great groups like The Moody Blues and Rush go ignored!

  67. I totally agree with The Guess Who and Chicago – those bands were superb!! The Cars? I didn’t know that they were considered to be a Rock and Roll band?? Bon Jovi??? Is’nt he the person that invented “Cheerleader Rock”? Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad were very influencial back in the early 70’s and many bands today are still standing on the shoulders of the music that they created, so the fact that they are not inducted is a shame beyond words!
    Sorry, but the RRHOF is nothing but a joke!!
    Deep Purple was featured in the “Great Blogs Of Fire” series. Check under blogs

  68. Yes, Jethro Tull, ELP – Get some 70s prog in there, people. I’ll even accept Rush, who I can’t stand, if Tull makes it.
    Yes, Tull & Rush all were profiled previously in “Great Blogs Of Fire.” You can find them at the top of the page under blogs.

  69. BON JOVI and KISS should be in the Hall. But before those groups go in, these individuals should go in:

    Connie Francis & Freddy Cannon were profiled in the “Great Blogs of Fire” series located under blogs.

  70. Jon Bon Jovi and his band Bon Jovi does it all-they can rock Nashville, roll with the best of hard rock, carry the blues and croon you to pieces and all the while Jon holds his own with the late great Luciano Pavrotti, heaping on immortal songwriting and David Bryan’s magnificient Broadway musical sums it up. you can’t keep good men down.

  71. Hard to believe Jethro Tull hasn’t been inducted. If “Aqualung” was
    all they released, they would be superior to “The Beastie Boys”.
    Are you kidding me? Yes isn’t inducted?
    I also agree that Grand Funk should be in, too.

  72. The Association: They have 3 in the top 10 of the 100 most air-played songs of all time. Most RRHOF members can’t bragg about that! While their mgt made decisions on most releases which left them labeled with what RS called in 1981 “psychedelic smoothies,” anyone who ever saw them in concert knows they could rock, and in fact, play all kinds of music. Perhaps they, like Chicago, or Ronstadt, are too good to be in the RRHOF.

  73. When I visit the Basesball HOF, I know it is a shrine to the Best players that ever live. I love Music just as much but have yet to attempt a visit to Cleveland due to many ridiculous determinations that have been made , while NOT making easy choices. Your list should all be in ,with out a doubt, and I now add The Doobie Brothers. Although the Michael McDonald years took them from a great R&R Band and turned them into some kind of Jazz Bar Band, it didn’t last long and should not be viewed as who they are. China Grove, Rockin’ Down the Hiway, Long Train Running, Jesus is Just Alright, Take Me in your Arms, Black Water and Listen to the Music stand to the testament of music many heard on FM rock stations, but their Real value is gained by the album tracks many have not heard. Their mixture of R&R, Blues, Gospel and Country influences along with the Vocal Harmonies of Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons continue to this day. Their Live shows are worthy of consideration on their own! I soon hope the Board at the HoF soon figure out to induct the “Obvious” choices so they do not to wait like the Dave Clark 5 did.
    Well put, John. Stay tuned ’cause a lot more on The Doobies is on its way in “Great Blogs Of Fire.”

  74. T. Rex T. Rex T.REX!!!!

    AND the Yes, AND Slade, AND the Sensational Alex Harvey Band…

    I wish they’d get in before they’re ALL DEAD (like most of T.Rex.)

  75. I realise this may be an attempt to name some of the less obvious “oversights”, but if Rush ends up on the list because of “popular pressure”, surely Deep Purple falls into a parallel situation. And if this is a less obvious list, how about Love and Quicksilver Messenger Service? Surely, the suggestions of Chicago (horrible), the E Street Band (come on!) & Kiss (a joke of a band, under consideration because of longevity & extra-musical activities), don’t belong instead of, say, Roxy Music, T.Rex, King Crimson, Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, etc., etc. I like the choice of Paul Revere & the Raiders, but in front of QMS? No way.

  76. Ok first of all, alot of these comments are really stupid, Rush out of all the best musicians should be inducted the most, who cares about the cars and bon jovi, Rush, judas priest, and iron maiden should be inducted, screw the hall of shame!!!!!!!!

  77. Ridiculous that Moodies are not in. They created their own genre and perform with orchestras to this day. Same for Chicago early on…..they had a sound totally different from anything out there and they were sucessful for a LONG time, even having success when their sound changed around Chicago X.
    Totally agree with TOTO too; the members have been on more albums as session players than anyone can keep track of. Doubt MJ’s “Thriller” would have had the sound to generate the sale that put it in the stratosphere without the help from Toto members. Boz Scaggs also owes much of his popularity to Toto (his backup band). Michael McDonald never would have entered the studio with Steely Dan, and therefore would never have later joined the Doobies (with Skunk Baxter) if Mike had not been dragged down the hall of a recording studio into a Steely Dan session by Jeff Porcaro of Toto, who was drumming for Steely Dan at the time.

  78. There are crap bands who will be elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and there are crap band who will not be elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. There will always be people complaining about the crap bands that were elected, and people complaining about the crap bands that were not elected. Any mass-market recognition system like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame awards is pre-determined to be compromised in any set of standards or qualities it may have once wished to impose. The nature of the beast is that “favorites” and “fans” and “sales” constantly war against “standards” and “quality,” no matter how many times they may match up.

  79. I fully endorse the idea that The Moody Blues should be inducted, but another band deserving nomination (and still performing) is The Searchers. The Searchers are currently undertaking their 50th anniversary tour and whilst not big in the USA, their influence has been acknowledged by the likes of The Byrds, Tom Waits et al. Forget their ‘poppier’ songs and recall ‘What have they done to the rain’, ‘Every time that you, walk in the room’, ‘Don’t throw your love away’ amongst many others. John McNally’s 12 string guitar playing has had a large influence on bands old and new and at the age of 70, he still knows how to play that instrument. The Searchers were able to take songs, that were often of USA origin, and turn them into classics by their innovative arrangements. Even the Stones number, which Jagger gave to them, Just Take It or Leave It still sounds bang up to date. With their close harmonies, this band deserves acknowledgement.
    Tony – I agree. The Searchers were featured August 11. Just go to the top of the page & click on blogs, then “Great Blogs Of Fire.” Keep scrolling until you get to “Rock Hall of Fame Searching for Troggs & Zombies?” – Phill

  80. Where is Utopia in this line up of bands snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
    Why can’t the remaining band members enjoy what they are due while they are still alive?
    Go on You Tube and listen to their music, you will find that, they were way ahead of their time.
    Donna – Being a Utopia fan myself, I lean toward agreeing with you. But in an earlier episode of this series – check under blogs for “Great Blogs Of Fire” & scroll back quite a ways – I did Todd Rundgren. Todd, of course, is the leader of Utopia, but he also led the Nazz and had a quite productive solo career, not just as an artist but in almost every other phase of the industry as well. Now if we can’t Todd in, how can we get Utopia in?

  81. POCO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what of Moodty Blues and Dave Clark Five
    Steve – The Moody Blues were featured in this series last year. Just look in the right column under the “10 bands snubbed” & you’ll see “the Moody Blues…Voices In The Sky, but Not In The Hall of Fame.” The Dave Clark 5 was inducted a couple years ago.

  82. BON JOVI, CARS?!!

    over The Fall, Joy Division, Cheap Trick, and Sparks?
    You shouldn’t be writing on music.
    David – Cheap Trick not only was featured earlier in this series, they also were included in the sequel to this article…”10 More Bands Snubbed By The Hall of Fame.” As far as the other three are concerned, yours certainly was one of the more unusual responses. And I’m not writing “on music,” I’m writing about it. – Phill

  83. Chicago 1969-1979, Terry Kath era. Just watch You Tube. Great innovative, very successful, music. Plus they were a GREAT live band.

  84. How did Lynyrd Skynyrd deserve to be in and all the listed great performers mentioned in this comment section be left out???

  85. Speaking about voices that are an acquired taste…uhm, perhaps Bob Dylan? Uh, Neil Young? I don’t understand why RUSH is not in HOF yet. Maybe this year after there new album once again goes GOLD almost immediately after release…

  86. All the bands listed should be in, especially the Moody Blues and Rush.

  87. Tower of Power, The Meters, Television, John Mayall, just to name some that really worthy of induction

  88. Chicago’s first two albums were great rock albums. After that they become a lounge band. I agree with Deep Purple, Moody Blues, Mayall, Tower of Power, 10 Years After, plus there are many others that are worthy. But Kiss?, and Bon Jovi? Come on. Over hyped, and their music is BORING

  89. Kiss and Bon Jovi are in my book object lessons object lessons of bad rock ‘n’ roll, and the fact they’re remarkably popular demonstrates to me why popularity should NOT be a criterion of induction into the hall of fame. Kiss and Bon Jovi are the musical equivalent of McDonald’s — sure they’re popular, but does anyone with any real taste believe that they’re good? Not that I can tell. (Oh, but Paul Revere and the Raiders? I’m entirely in favor of inducting them.)

  90. Did you know that Linda Ronstadt, Dionne Warwick, Mary Wells, Donna Summer, Bette Midler, Carly Simon, Joan Jett and Pat Benatar are not in the Rock ‘n Hall of Fame?
    Obviously you’re not a regular reader. If you were you would know that Linda Ronstadt, Dionne Warwick and Carly Simon were profiled earlier in this series. You can find the articles under the Blogs tab – Great Blogs Of Fire.

  91. For the Rock and Roll “Hall of Fame” to snub the greatest band, the Moody Blues is a travesty! How does one become the leader against the R&R Hall of Fame until they are?
    Follow the Goldmine Rock Era Hall of Fame instead!

  92. When you listed the E-Street Band, you did say “the late” Clarence Clemons, but forgot that Danny Federici died before the Big Man and should have been listed the same way. Show some respect. I know that Clarence was a much more well-known and visible (no pun intended) part of the band, but at least acknowledge that Danny died. I’m a huge fan, but I really dislike the fact that such a big deal is being made on this tour of the fact that Clarence is gone, when Danny was simply replaced and no big deal was made of it during the tour when he passed.
    Sorry Christine – My fault & it’s fixed – Phill

  93. @zipcity: Paul Revere and the Raiders is an equally crappy band using a childish gimmick to get attention and to get teenage girls to listen to them. They’re just as bad as the Jonas Brothers, Bon Jovi, and KISS. The ONLY reason people want them in is because of the influence of classic rock radio, and NOTHING more than that.

    I believe that Dionne Warwick and Carly Simon should be in the RRHOF, but Ronstadt, is, to be frank, nothing more than a glorified karaoke singer and little else than that-again, the influence of classic rock rearing its ugly head, as well as too little exposure to artists who are better than her. Besides, she’s got enough gongs as it is from the record industry.

  94. I still think the Monkees should also be in there. They had 4 #1 albums in one year (which by the way, no one else has done), first to use the Moog synthesizer, and pretty much the first to speak up and take control of their own music. If they can get a Hollywood star, why not this. Their music is timeless.

  95. How can moody blues not be recognized. They we’re one of the first to use melotran. . John lodge. Justin Hayward and gramme edge for the past 50 yrs and Rock hall turned a blind eye!!! Will visit when they r inducted

  96. Yes…The Monkees did have 4 # 1 albums in one year but so did the Beatles….in 1964: Meet the Beatles, The Beatles Second Album, A Hard Day”s Night and Beatles ’65 all went to # 1 in 1964
    Bill is replying to Sherry’s comment above, but I’ll butt in. First off, The Beatles had just three #1 LPs in 1964, “Beatles ’65” not entering the Billboard chart until January, 1965. However, it reached #1 as did “Beatles VI,” “Help!” and “Rubber Soul,” which gives The Beatles four #1 LPs in 1965, equaling The Monkees. Not so fast. The U.S. version of “Help!,” though included on The Beatles’ list of LPs in Joel Whitburn’s definitive record keeping, is officially considered a soundtrack recording, including much material not by The Beatles. Therefore, technically Sherry is correct. Regardless, The Beatles are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Monkees are not. Perhaps The Monkees will appear in the newly formed Goldmine Rock Era Hall of Fame. – Phill

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