10 MORE Questions For… Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers is armed with one of the most powerful and recognizable voices in rock ?n? roll music.

PaulRodgersGuitarc-01-01.jpgThe powerful pipes are all his own, and the recognition comes courtesy of an impressive resume that any self-respecting frontman would die to have.

Rodgers first tasted success with Free (1968-1973), then moved on to find it again in Bad Company (1974-1982) and with The Firm (1984-1986).
Paul Rodgers isn?t one to rest on his laurels.

His latest solo release, Live in Glasgow, recently came out on CD and DVD.

In this, the second and final installment of 10 Questions For… Paul Rodgers, he shares more about his collaboration with Brian May and Roger Taylor of the legendary rock band Queen.

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GM: Tell me how the pairing with the two members of Queen came about?

PR: What happened was, it?s fair to say that we have a lot of mutual respect for each other. Anybody in this business that has longevity has my respect straight away. I?ve always listened to their records and really been impressed with the guitar sound, the quality of the songs, the harmonies … everything, really. It?s just beautifully put together.

The production is second to none on the Queen albums.
We were doing a TV show in England wherein I wanted to play live without a band, and they wanted to play live, and of course, they don?t have a singer, and we?re on the same show. So Brian (May) and I got together ? I had just played with Brian at Wembley a couple of nights prior to this ? and he said, ?Look, I?ll tell you what ? you?ll be our singer, and we?ll be your band.?

So they played ?All Right Now? behind me, and I sang with them on ?We Will Rock You? and ?We Are The Champions.? And I thought, ?Well, this is great, because these songs are right in my ballpark and are good for me to sing!?

And as we came offstage, and ? as is so often the case when you do a jam and it?s very exciting ? everybody goes, ?Yeah, yeah, you gotta do more; yeah, yeah, let?s definitely do more,? and nothing really comes of it and everybody goes their own way.
But strangely enough, we did start to call each other and say, ?Let?s really do some more!? And I wasn?t quite sure whether what we had intended to do was a new entity, maybe something like ?May-Taylor-Rodgers? or even like a Crosby, Stills & Nash. But they actually came back and said ?No, we?d like to go out as Queen and Paul Rodgers. What do you think of that??

GM: Were you friends with the late Freddie Mercury?

PR: No, I didn?t really know Freddie. I wish I had. Brian tells me he was very influenced by me, which surprised me.

GM: Is there a reason that John Deacon declined to join the band?

PR: Well, yeah, but I haven?t spoken to him myself, but I get the feeling that he is pretty much retired from touring and would much prefer to stay with his family. He?s got lots of kids, and in a way, I can really understand that, because there was a time that I, myself, came off the road and vowed I would never do it again. When my kids were small and then they grew up… well, that?s when I went back out on the road, with Jimmy and The Firm actually.

GM: Did you find the crowds receptive to a ?Queen and Paul Rodgers? tour?

PR: Well, I will say that what was gonna be a couple of dates in London turned into an entire world tour. It grew from being that into a European tour and then a

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