As a New York indie band, Earl Greyhound is feeling very satisfied

Why did you decide to start your own record label, Hawk Race Records? That must require a demanding amount of time?
Thomas: What’s actually funny about starting your own record label these days is that all you need is a name. As far as I can tell, a record label is an entity that releases, distributes, sells and promotes music. At the moment Earl Greyhound and Hawk Race are essentially the same thing, but giving the record label a distinctness right off the bat gives us the option of releasing other artists if we’re ever in a position to do so in the future.

How would you describe the New York City music scene?
Thomas: The NYC music scene is actually very VERY diverse. Much more diverse than what gets reported. When I read the popular blogs and press about the NYC music scene, it comes off as very homogeneous, when really there’s a ton going on that doesn’t get its day in the sun. In fact, there’s so much going on that I get overwhelmed — I actually think I might need more trees and less of a music scene!

You just played the Siren Festival in Brooklyn. How was the experience?
R.A.D. I remember being at the first couple Siren Festivals and dreaming of the day that I’d be up there rocking Brooklyn — before there was an Earl Greyhound. It was a great full-circle experience for me.

You have played with a variety of bands. What has been your best experience?
Thomas: We’ve had such a great time with all the bands we’ve played with, I must say. And we’ve gotten to play with a big variety — each band we’ve toured with has taught us something invaluable. My favorite to date has got to be getting to open for Chris Cornell. He’s really one of the best voices in rock, and he’s such a masterful artist to watch.

What’s next for the band?
Thomas: We go on our first European tour this fall, and then we’re working on another North American tour before the year’s out. Then onto the next album, which we’re excited about getting our teeth into.

For more information on Earl Greyhound, go to or their MySpace page.

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