Backstage Pass: Comedian Patton Oswalt

He counts Bugs Bunny as one of his key influences.

Patton Bench1-01-01.jpgHe?s a sworn athiest who just happened to graduate from the College of William and Mary.

His alter egos include the voice of a successful mad scientist (Professor Demento, ?Kim Possible?) the voice of a rat that yearns to be a chef (Remy, ?Ratatouille?) and a nerdy, paranoid ex-subway token collector who loves comic book conventions and science fiction (Spence, ?The King of Queens.?)

He spent his summer simultaneously promoting the G-Rated family film ?Ratatouille? and his very expicit comedy album Werewolves and Lollipops.
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His biggest pet peeve? ?Clean filth.?

So, what?s the real Patton Oswalt like?
Damned if we know ? or if he?ll even give us a straight answer. (Check the ninth question if you don?t believe us!)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to our stage ? er, page ? writer, actor, comic, walking contradiction and five-star smart-ass: Patton Oswalt!

Goldmine: So tell me about your newest project with Sub Pop, Werewolves and Lollipops ? including how you came up with the album name.

Patton Oswalt: What is there to tell beyond the fact it?s my second CD of all-new material, plus a DVD? The title has nothing to do with the album?s contents or meaning. It?s the frustrating end to a long and fruitless slog trying to come up with a title. I wanted to call the album My Penis, but Sub Pop prevailed.

GM: Werewolves is coming out on vinyl as well as CD, which is news, of course, that the Goldmine crowd always loves to hear! So, are you a vinyl fiend? Or are CDs and MP3s more your speed?

PO: I?m all MP3s, sorry. Anything to whittle down my possessions to nothing. I hope someone creates a breath-mint sized storage device for all my books, DVDs, music and writing. Also, I could eat it, and it?d taste like a Cheeto.

GM: We learn on Werewolves and Lollipops that Phil Collins? No Jacket Required was the first album you ever bought with your own money. What is your music collection like these days?

PO: I now own a Phil Collins boxed set, so it?s much improved.

GM: So, if neither the time-space continuum nor outright talent were issues, which musical artist/group would you love to perform with, and why?

PO: I?d love to perform with that Storm Large chick. Giantesses do me in.

GM: You?re a pretty prolific recording artist yourself ? Werewolves and Lollipops, Feelin? Kinda Patton, 222, Patton Vs. Alcohol Vs. Zach Vs. Patton, and the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company. Did you ever dream you would roll into a record shop some day and find albums with your name on them in the bins? What was your reaction the first time you saw one of your records in a shop? What about the first time you saw one of your records in the discount/re-sale bin?

PO: I?ve actually never seen my records in a shop ? yet. I?m kind of a recluse, so I get all my music online. I should leave my house; I bet it?d be thrilling.

GM: So, what was it like being the voice of Remy for the Disney-Pixar film ?Ratatouille??

PO: Like riding a jet ski with Kate Winslet into the mouth of a roaring volcano, while drinking scotch and eating a taco.

GM: I heard that you got to observe the scoring work for ?Ratatouille” at Sony Studios. What was that like? What did you find the most interesting or surprising about the process?


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