Bloodshot Records: Rebels with a cause

bloddshot nan and rob.jpgIf there?s any one record label that defines the notion of an upstart independent, it would have to be Chicago?s Bloodshot Records.

Founded in 1994 by Nan Warshaw, Rob Miller, and their former partner Eric Babcock, the company helped define a new genre ? now known as insurgent country ? while creating a home to a new breed of alternative artists who combined punk attitude with rootsy Americana.

Miller, a former painter, house rehabber and sometime music writer, originally joined forces with Warshaw, a local music promoter, to put together what they assumed would be a one-shot project called For A Life Of Sin: A Compilation Of Insurgent Chicago Country, a collection featuring local outfits with an edgy, alternative back porch approach.

?We were both raised the in punk scenes ? Nan in Chicago, me in Detroit ? and had always been involved with and passionate about the ?underground,? ? Miller recalls. ?In the post-Nirvana boom, that underground, that secret language, that special cultural awareness was all of a sudden manifesting itself with grunge Gap ads on city buses. The whole notion of ?alternative? became a commodity.

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