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The North Mississippi Allstars honor their origins by naming their new studio CD Hernando (Songs Of The South) after their hometown. 

Its 11 clutter-free blues-rock tracks (mostly from their pens) similarly reflect their eclectic roots, stating with slinky swamp boogie “Shake.” “Soldier” mirrors the trio’s grounding in folk gospel.  

An adaptation of Champion Jack Dupree’s “I’d Love To Be A Hippy” evolves from drollery to dead seriousness. Luther Dickinson’s guitar can scream like a metal band’s or pensively smoke. Jim Dickinson — Luther and bassist Cody Dickinson’s noted studio-veteran dad — again handles production.



Kokomo Arnold’s slyly metaphorical “Milk Cow Blues” has been reinterpreted by everyone from Elvis Presley (at Sun) to Doc And Merle Watson.


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