Buffalo Springfield co-founder Richie Furay dives back into music

A founding member of both Buffalo Springfield and Poco, Richie Furay has seen all of the highs and lows rock ‘n’ roll has to offer. Now a minister with his own church, Furay has returned to music with a solo album called The Heartbeat of Love.

Goldmine: Talk about your latest solo album. Why did it take you so long to do one?

RichieFurayCD-01-01.jpgRichie Furay: I think there?s a perfect time for everything. It?s not that I didn?t want to record another solo (mainstream) project, but my life was pretty wrapped up in the ministry at my church, Calvary Chapel of Broomfield, and quite frankly, the opportunity just hadn?t seem to present itself.
I had actually recorded a couple of solo projects that were mainly focused on worship (In My Father?s House [1997] and I Am Sure [2004]). With each of those projects, I would always ask some of my ?old? friends to participate, so I was still getting into the studio and ?keeping in touch.?

The Heartbeat Of Love project came right on the heels of I Am Sure. I had just finished recording it when I was asked to come back down to Nashville to participate on a DVD project Poco was doing. During the rehearsals, we were working on a song of mine called ?Let?s Dance Tonight” that I had recorded with Poco on the Crazy Eyes album.
A friend who was there came up to me and said it was one of his favorite Poco songs, and I told him if I ever had the opportunity to record another mainstream project, that was one song (along with ?Kind Woman”) that I wanted to revisit.

Well, one thing led to another in our conversation, and the next thing I knew I was getting in touch with the band who had worked on my previous two projects, and we set the time aside around Christmas 2004 to work on it.
Had it not been for my friend Peter van Leeuwen getting the ball rolling, it may have never happened.

Once the tracks were finished and I had the lead vocals on, I got very excited about asking some of my friends to be a part of it. I would hear one song and think to myself, ?That would be a good one for Stephen (Stills) or this is perfect for Timothy (B. Schmit).” I couldn?t get Neil (Young) on ?Kind Woman? 30 years earlier, so I thought, ?Maybe this time …”
Of course the list goes on (Kenny Loggins; Rusty Young; Paul Cotton; Jeff Hanna; Mark Volman; Sam Bush; Mickey Raphael; Al Perkins; Jim Horn; Hank Singer) and those are just the guest artists ? the guys who recorded the basic tracks (Dan Dugmore, Chris Leuzinger, Michael Rhodes, Pete Wasner and Dennis Holt), I can?t say enough about them. Quite a list of musicians I am very proud to have as friends. Certainly one other person must be mentioned, my daughter Jesse, who sang on nine tracks on the CD and also sings with me at our live shows ? now how special is that?

GM: Describe how the songs came together. Was there a burst of inspiration or were these songs you had lying around?

RF: I?ve been writing with my friend Scott Sellen for the last 20-plus years. We?ve written for the Poco reunion project (1989); the worship projects; and for The Heartbeat Of Love. He?s been an encouragement to me, and probably got me writing when I thought that part of my life had pretty much [wound] down.

Some of the songs on ?Heartbeat? are very current ? ?Dean?s BBQ? was written as a tribute to my friend Dean Fearing, who sponsored a yearly benefit down in Texas at the restaurant where he was the head chef. Everyone mentioned on that song is a real person who was a part of the event (Jimmy and his two girls is a reference to Jimmy Messina).

Several songs were actually written for the Poco reunion project but rejected for one r

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