Clash vinyl, box set and compilation releases rock the Casbah

Polycarbonate or vinyl? Whatever format you prefer, The Clash has it covered with new releases from Sony Legacy that celebrate the band’s full catalog. Here’s what you’ll find in each one.

The Clash Sound System

The Clash Sound System box set.

(Filmmaker Don Letts reflects on the legacy of The Clash)

Sound System

• 12-disc set retails for $177.29
• Items packaged in a boombox-styled, case-bound box
• Five studio albums presented on black polycarbonate, vinyl-replica CDs and housed in case-bound, Pozzoli-style books with poster booklets: “The Clash” (1 CD); “Give ’Em Enough Rope” (1 CD); “London Calling” (2 CDs); “Sandinista!” (3 CDs); “Combat Rock” (1 CD)
• “Sound System Extras” 3-CD rarities designed with a reel-to-reel tape motif on the labels and presented with a 12-page Pozzoli-style book
• “The Clash” movie (DVD) with a label that resembles a 16 mm movie reel and presented with an eight-page case-bound Pozzoli-style book
• “Owners Manual” 24-page case-bound book
• Two dog tags with chains, embossed with “The Clash”
• Five badges ranging in size from roughly 3/4 of an in to 1-3/4 of an inch in diameter, along with storage case (which also holds dog tags)
• Reprints of “Armagideon Times” fanzines 1 and 2 (24-page reprint booklets) and a brand-new, 36-page special edition “Armagideon Times 3” curated and designed by The Clash, all housed in an 11.69-by-8.27-inch folder
• Three  3.3-by-5.5-inch stickers, one 11.69-by-8.27-inch sticker and two 4.13-by-11.69-inch stickers
• One 15” x 15” poster with poster tube styled to resemble a cigarette
• An MP3 version also retails for $74.99.


The Clash Five Album set

The Clash Five Album set

Five-Album Studio Set

• 8-LP vinyl import set retails for $148.75
• Pressed on 180-gram audiophile vinyl
• Includes the same five studio albums featured in the “Sound System” box, each remastered in its original format and housed in a flight-case styled box with a lift-off top
• Also available as an 8-CD set retailing for $39.78.

Hits Back

• 2-CD set retails for $10; 3-LP vinyl import retails for $47.31
• Features 33 of the band’s iconic tracks
• Comes with a replica of Joe Strummer’s original handwritten setlist, which he would tape to the back of his Telecaster before each gig.

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