Collecting the 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees

By Peter Lindblad

Almost two years ago, a pair of ABBA 12″ singles — “Hovas Vittne” b/w “Triveds Hambo” and “Sång Till Görel” — sold for $2,550 and $2,025, respectively. Who would have guessed that any ABBA record could command such a princely sum?

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Other acts in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s class of 2010 have their own highly collectible records (all prices listed below relate to copies that are in near-mint condition).

In Genesis’ case, the 1968 Parrot 45 “Silent Sun”/”That’s Me” can fetch $100 to $300, depending on whether yours is the promotional copy with  an orange-colored label and a black bird on it (3018 [DJ] — $100), or it’s the stock copy with a black label and a green-and-white bird (3018, $400).

Similarly, there’s a difference between a 1967 45 featuring The Tremeloes and The Hollies. The promo version on red vinyl (10184/0 {DJ]) is worth about $100, while one with “There’s Room For Two At The Top!” written across the top of the sleeve with photos of both bands (10184/0 [PS]) goes for around $300.

As for the other three, finding anything worth more than $50 is difficult. Jimmy Cliff’s 1969 Can’t Get Enough Of It LP on the Veep label (VPS-16536) would bring in about $40. The Stooges’ Raw Power (1973, KC 32111) on Columbia and Elektra releases The Stooges (1970, EKS 74051) and Fun House (EKS 74101), both with red labels and a stylized “E” would fetch $50. Take 60 percent off, though, if you have a copy of either of the last Stooges LPs mentioned with the butterfly label.

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