Collector’s Corner: The Rise of the Kinks

By  Peter Lindblad

It used to be that The Kinks were second-class citizens among ‘60s British Invasion bands when it came to collectibles. In recent years, however, the brothers Davies have narrowed the gap.

kinksvelvet.jpgWhite-label promos from the Reprise label of works such as “You Really Got Me Now” and LPs like Kinks-Size, Kinda Kinks, Kinks Kinkdom and The Kink Controversy go for anywhere from $400 to $200, depending on condition. And the early picture sleeves bring in sizable sums as well, as do French EPs from the mid- to late-’60s.

“It wasn’t necessarily always like that,” says record dealer Jack Wolak, owner of Jack Wolak’s Rare Necessities. “For me as a record dealer, it wasn’t until the last five years that The Kinks have gotten almost on equal footing.”

Very few quantities of white-label promos were produced for artists of
the ’60s like The Kinks.

“I don’t see ’em, but if I did, I wouldn’t put ‘em out cheap,” says Wolak.
Not only are Reprise white-label promos rare, but collectors also prize them for how they’re made.

“Reprise white-label promos came out on vinyl, as opposed to polyurethane,” says Wolak. “The promos just look better, even in that plain orange sleeve.”

When it comes to The Kinks’ Reprise material, everything up through 1969’s Arthur (Or The Decline and Fall of the British Empire) can command decent prices.

In recent years, the Italian boutique label, Get Back, has reissued much of The Kinks’ catalog on 180-gram vinyl, and while Wolak isn’t too impressed with the re-mastering work, he is impressed with the hard cardboard covers and the quality of the pressing.

Another big-ticket item: the 1969 God Save The Kinks package, a mail-order package that includes a decal, postcard, bag of grass, two pins, letter, Kinks consumer guide and the Then Now and Between LP. The complete package can fetch $500. Sometimes found alone, the Then Now and Between LP might bring $50.

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