David Gilmour – On An Island

On An Island
Columbia (8-2876-80280-2)

It?s been 22 years since David Gilmour?s last solo album, About Face, was released in 1984. On About, Gilmour sang ?all lovers are deranged? and invited listeners to get metaphysical.

2006?s On An Island finds Gilmour celebrating domestic bliss (six of the 10 tunes were written with wife Polly Samson) and enjoying simple pleasures such as walking or feeding the swans.

Opening with the instrumental ?Castellorization,? Gilmour treads between space noise, sweeping guitar solo and sounds of the Far East (is that a koto I hear?). The stand-out title track features gorgeous harmonies with guest vocalists David Crosby and Graham Nash (Could this be a new folk trio in the making?), and ?The Blue? is a dreamy wisp of a song with the familiar voice of Pink Floyd?s Rick Wright floating atop Gilmour?s breathy vocals. Gilmour?s edgier side does comes out on the jagged ?Take A Breath,? but it?s more of a 30-second rainshower in a big sky of puffy clouds. Mellowness and a sense of contentment ooze throughout this recording, and when couched with Gilmour?s dream-like vocals and ethereal guitar, On An Island comes pretty close to a Floydian dream. A glimpse of a perfect day spent.

Where Gilmour capped About Face with ?Near The End? so many years ago, he closes here singing ?So much behind us, Still far to go,? a sentiment no doubt shared by his fans.

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