Documentary examines the King's secret

No matter who you are, if you?re in the public eye in a big way, controversy is sure to follow eventually.

That was certainly true for Elvis Presley, who attracted controversy from the very beginning of his career. In the ?50s, comment swirled about his ?degenerate? music and performing style, but in the ?70s, he faced a more serious threat when he was slapped with a paternity suit from Patricia Ann Parker; the case dragged on for six years.

You?ll find the full story of that case in ?Top Secret: Elvis Presley Paternity Suit Uncovered!? The book and accompanying DVD documentary is by Bud Glass, a longtime Elvis fan. Glass had been building his collection for many years when he received some unexpected inspiration after the acquisition of some ?incredible? Elvis home-movie footage.

?I realized there were many other fans like me out there who love rare Elvis footage as I do, so I decided to share it with fans around the world,? he says. ?I was only interested in producing a top-notch, quality production that was 100 percent positive. So much has been told about the legend of Elvis Presley; I decided to explore more of the man behind the image. By interviewing friends of mine in the Elvis world who knew Elvis personally, I wanted to show the more private and personal side of Elvis. I believe that only through the collective efforts of taking those individual pieces and putting them together do we start to see a glimpse of the true man behind the image.?

Hence the series of ?Elvis: Behind the Image? books and DVDs put out by Glass? Praytome Publishing, whose catalog now includes five books and five documentaries. Glass became interested in Elvis? paternity troubles due to the various comments Elvis made about the incident during his shows of the time.

?It was obvious to me that this was something that affected Elvis enough to discuss it from the stage, and I was intrigued,? Glass says. ?The comments were sometimes so subtle, the real meaning was most likely never really perceived by the audience.?

While working on the first volume of ?Behind The Image? six years ago, Glass? friend and collaborator, Russ Howe, showed him photos taken by a hidden camera documenting when Elvis, Patricia Parker and her son, Jason Peter Presley, arrived at a laboratory in 1971 for blood tests.

?Only a few had ever been seen, in poor quality and with wrong information about what they actually were,? says Glass. ?Instead of including them in ?Behind The Image,? I decided that with all of the information I already knew, this would be much better served in its own production. It was the only way to give this untold story the justice it deserves.?

So work began on ?Top Secret.? Although many things in the documentary date back more than 20 years in Glass? collection, the actual serious investigation took more than four years, Glass said. The book and DVD are packed with interesting things ? reproductions of court documents, Jason?s birth certificate, candid footage and the infamous photo snapped of Elvis and Patricia on the night they met, among other items.
So why was this a story Glass wanted to cover?

?What interested me was not the possibility of an heir to the throne, or to tarnish Elvis? reputation or memory, but rather to dispel the myths and reveal for the first time ever the intricate details of this little known, very long chapter in Elvis? life and career,? he explains. ?As a fan, you may know of Elvis? career, but do you know all the trials and tribulations he endured during the course of that career? What he was dealing with privately as his career took shape? I felt it was equally important to present the remarkable accomplishments and factual events in Elvis? life and career as they simultaneously unfold with the story of the legal battle. This gives you a unique, inside perspective into the emotional elements Elvis must hav

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