DVD Review: UB 40: Live at Montreaux 2002

UB 40 DVD-01-01.jpgUB40

Live at Montreux 2002

Eagle Vision USA (801213914890)

Grade: ***

UB40’s successful blend of reggae and pop has earned them acclaim and strong sales pretty much all over the world.

While they do write and perform original material, the band’s stock in trade has been to interpret pop songs and reggae standards in their own unique way.

The band’s 2002 set at the Montreux Jazz Festival reveals why the band has been so popular for more than 20 years — they do what they do very well. This 21-song live set opens with a upbeat rendition of “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” and rolls out the jams with hits “Red, Red Wine” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Other tunes include “Homely Girl,” “Cherry Oh Baby,” and “Many Rivers to Cross.”

Singer Ali Campbell, guitarist Robin Campbell and the gang may be from Birmingham (U.K., not Alabama), but they sound like they?ve been soaking up the sun and rum drinks on the shore of Jamaica.

The band is in top form, and the audience is grooving to their beat.

This DVD is nicely shot and does a good job capturing this hard-working group in concert.

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