Elvis' Top 10 Moments on Vinyl ? and 1 Big Stinkeroo!

If Elvis Presley will be remembered 100 years from now ? and I think he will be ? it will be because of the music. None of the other stuff, from the cheesy movies to Elvis, the 1968 ?comeback special? TV show, would have happened if he hadn?t made some fine records.

Trying to pick the 10 best of these is like trying to pick the 10 best of anything that you enjoy. I come at this as a second-generation Elvis fan; I?m old enough to remember his 1970s hits, but I hadn?t even been born when he was controversial. That said, Elvis still lives through his music, and these are the 10 Elvis records that I?d take with me to that mythical desert island. I would have to leave behind his first Christmas album and his gospel stuff and ?Viva Las Vegas? (the song, not the flick), none of which made the cut.
So here is my top 10, listed chronologically ? plus one really bad one for balance (and it?s not ?Do The Clam?). You probably have some different choices. But that?s all right, mama.

1. ?That?s All Right? and ?Blue Moon of Kentucky? (Sun 209, 1954)
After messing around with some ballads that weren?t released right away, Elvis and his bandmates, Scotty Moore and Bill Black, got down to business with these two songs.

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