End of violence?: Low talks 'Drums and Guns'

Far from being a typical rock band, Duluth, Minnesota’s Low is led by the Mormon husband-and-wife team of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker. The busy couple has two young children that often accompany them on the road, and in addition to Sparhawk’s duties with other bands, the Black Eyed Snakes and Retribution Gospel Choir, the two run a record label called Chairkickers. Low0316.jpg

In 1993, the trio began its so-called ?slowcore? revolution, a quiet reaction to grunge in which Low cultivated captivating, wintery soundscapes that moved like glaciers, with ethereal male-female vocal harmonies haunting the bleakest sonic scenery. Over time, Low released critically fawned over albums like Long Division, I Could Live in Hope, The Curtain Hits the Cast, Things We Lost in the Fire and The Great Destroyer, losing longtime bassist Zak Sally to Sally’s publishing company, La Mano, in the process and replacing him with Matt Livingston. Sparhawk chatted recently about Low?s latest album, Drums And Guns.

A portion of the interview ran in the March 16, #695 issue of Goldmine. Here is the full interview.

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