Foghat channels the blues and hops the ‘Last Train Home’

By Pat Prince

When vocalist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett died from cancer in 2000, he took a bit of Foghat with him. However, a vocalist he admired named Charlie Huhn— who last sang with Humble Pie — now carries on the torch by fronting the well-known, blues-based, classic rock of Foghat.

In recent years Foghat decided to make a dream of Lonesome Dave’s a reality: release an all-blues record, writing blues originals and covering songs from the masters. And that is exactly what the band did by releasing the album “Last Train Home,” a firehouse of an album that includes the guitar mastery and engineering aptitude of Bryan Bassett, and musical guests such as well-admired blues guitarist Eddie Kirkland.

How did the idea of putting out a blues record come around? It’s something that the band has thought about for a long time.
Roger Earl:
Actually, Dave (Peverett) talked about it years ago, about doing an album of all blues songs, and we never got around to doing just that. Lots of albums that we’ve done would have one or two songs, like our first single “I Just Want to Make Love To You,” and some people maybe thought that we ruined that.

Far from it.
Yeah, far from it. Willie Dixon was happy because he was getting money from the first album because he wrote it. And when we did the live album in ‘77 (“Foghat Live”), it was released as a single again, and again a hit record, so …

And now you’ve made Lonesome Dave’s dream — of putting out an all-blues record — a reality.
Bryan Bassett:
We did. Actually, it used to be a sort of ritual of ours. After each performance we would go back to the bus and listen to blues records. We talked about it for years and never had opportunity to do it .

I think Lonesome Dave would be very proud of this album.
That’s good to hear, because I felt like Dave was on my shoulder the whole time.
Charlie Huhn: I personally always keep him in my thoughts, and he gives me motivation. It’s like he’s still here coaching. And he always has, always will. His effort will always go recognized in my book. He’s one of my mentors. I’ve had several shoes to fill in my history, but it’s his guidance, and I appreciate your comment.
BB: What I appreciate about Charlie is the way he’s able to cover Dave’s songs, with the same approach to performing, interacting with the crowd and rocking out.

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  1. I’ve been a big fan of Lonesome Dave, Roger Earl and Dave Peverett since the Savoy Brown days. I seem to remember when you guys left that a blues album was going to be forth coming. Now, at last…here it is! I have your Rock n Roll stuff but I’m a bluesman at heart. Those early Savoy songs had so much more to them than the ones after you left. I was wowed to find a Petr Green cover by Dave…man, like a fine wine you have aged to perfection. Thanks for the years.
    02 /22 /1948

  2. Yo !!! FOGHAT RULES !!! Never in the day since SAVOY BROWN has this lineup ever been SO GOOD !!! ROCK ON remaining members of FOGHAT !!! KEEP THE TORCH GLOWING !!! LONESOME DAVE HEARS YA !!! I BELIEVE !!!

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