Foghat Exclusive: Tales from the Road

Crazy stuff happens on the road.

Tell-all books on rock ?n? roll are filled with all kinds of stories about groupies, binge-drinking, trashed hotel rooms and lost weekends.

Foghat has its stories to tell, although the boys kept it PG for Goldmine.

Guitarist Bryan Bassett tells of an episode not so different from the ?Spinal Tap? moment when the band couldn?t find its way to the stage.

?Well, let?s see … this is more of a ?Hello Cleveland!? moment,? says Bassett. ?We were playing a cool rock venue in Golden, Colo., called ?Buffalo Rose? in the dead of winter with a storm going on outside the tour bus. We decided to stay on the bus until show time. With a few minutes to go before the show, our tour manager rushes into the bus and says, ?All right, let?s go,? and he heads out of the bus for the stage door.

?We rush out of the bus into the blizzard in all our stage finery and rush into this steel door. We are standing all huddled up in this little hallway while kitchen staff and servers swerve all around us eyeing us up and grumbling. We?re thinking, ?What a nice, friendly reception,? such a comfortable dressing room and all and plotting the demise of our tour manager when he bursts in through the door and says, ?Guys the concert is in the next building.? We were in the kitchen of the Italian restaurant next door.?

Vocalist Charlie Huhn remembers a time when Foghat was ?dissed? by a city.

?I guess the weirdest thing that I?ve seen at one of our shows was in Buffalo, N.Y., downtown,? recalls Huhn. ?At night, we were headlining a street festival with thousands of people there, and the city pulled the plug on us after about 30 minutes into the set. I couldn?t believe it. We hadn?t even played some of the more popular songs yet, and they cut us off for a curfew or something stupid like that. Oh well, I guess you can?t fight ciity hall. They got balls, don?t they, shutting down Foghat! Come on, it?s Foghat, stupid. Everybody loves Foghat.?

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