Former Warlock singer Doro Pesch celebrates 20 years of metal with DVD set

Rusty or not, the ’80s fantasy-metal outfit Warlock was bound and determined to play again.

The band?s blonde-tressed former lead singer, Doro Pesch, was having a 20th anniversary concert in celebration of her years as a heavy-metal goddess, but the members hadn?t performed together for well over a decade.

?It was the first time in 16 years,? says the German-born Pesch. ?This one guy, the bass player (Frank Rittel), he hadn?t played the bass since [then], and he said, ?Man, I don?t even know if I can do it.? Can you do it for a couple of songs? He said, ?Yeah, I can try it.? He didn?t even have a bass anymore, but he was practicing day and night, and he did very good.?

In fact, outside of Doro, most of Warlock had left metal behind and were going about their normal lives, having babies and holding down steady jobs.
Doro, on the other hand, has released 12 records since Warlock?s late-?80s demise, switching to more of a pop-metal sound that?s kept her solo career going strong, especially in Europe.

As she?s always done, making the change involved listening to one thing: her gut.

?I always go by my gut, my gut instinct, and then, sometimes when a song is coming out, you feel it … oh, there?s some magic,? says Doro. ?With every song, if it has a certain power, I feel that power. If there?s some real magic there, whatever it is, then that?s where it is.?

This summer, Doro?s label, Locomotive Records, is releasing a double-DVD, titled 20 Years: A Warrior Soul, to mark Doro?s service in the cause of metal.
Filmed in state-of-the-art DVD9, the set includes a 90-minute, in-depth documentary of concert and behind-the-scenes footage from Doro?s recent Euro-Russian tour; it includes 11 songs.

Also included on the first disc is ?20 Year Anniversary: The Movie,? a German theatrical release showcasing Doro?s blazing-hot stage show.
?I wanted to give the fans insight to how it really is, and all the excitement of how it is behind the scenes,? says Doro. ?Actually, we had somebody touring with us, and he was cutting the movie. At first, we just wanted to do 10, 20 minutes, but then he said, ?Let?s do it longer; let?s do it right for the diehard fans.? ?

Disc 2 captures the three-hour, 33-song anniversary concert ? ?It was the longest show I?ve ever done,? says Doro ? including the Warlock reunion performance and guests like Accept?s Udo Dirkschneider, Motorhead?s Lemmy, Sodom?s Tom Angelripper and Circle II Circle?s Zak Stevens.
Always a staple of Doro?s catalog, covers of Procol Harum?s ?Whiter Shade of Pale” (which made it to Doro?s solo debut Force Majeure), Billy Idol?s ?White Wedding,” Steppenwolf?s ?Born to be Wild? and Judas Priest?s ?You?ve Got Another Thing Coming? (performed with 60 percent of Saxon backing her) mingled with Pesch?s melodic, but powerful, originals in concert.

?The highlights were definitely when the special guests came on stage, and when Lemmy and Mikkey Dee, when we performed ?Love Me Forever’ together … that was a great highlight. And of course, Saxon … I was always a big fan of British heavy metal, and Saxon was a big inspiration.?

As Doro was to women who wanted to play metal, always a male-dominated genre. To boot, Doro was in a fantasy-metal band, a sub-genre that was almost exclusively an all-male club.

?I never felt that it was particularly different or harder for a woman,? says Doro. ?It was always hard to fight for your music … to get a record deal, to go on tour. I think for every musician it?s a hard fight. The fans accepted me from Day One, and I always had a great connection. It didn?t matter that I was a female.?

Doro helped form Warlock in 1983 after a st

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