Get to know Goldmine reader Ron Deutsch of Reidsville, N.C.

By Goldmine staff

When Goldmine reader Ron Deutsch of Reidsville, N.C., revealed that his music collection focuses on “old white guys playing self-indulgent solos” it was not really a surprise that he cited Rush among his favorite groups.

What do you do for a living (or, if you are retired, what was your career before retirement)?
Ron Deutsch: Retail sales. Moonlight: box office at Greensboro Coliseum.

What are your passions besides collecting records?
RD: Sex and drugs. Just kidding. Maybe photography.

How did you get into music collecting?
RD: In the DNA.

Beatles Capitol 5112 I Saw Her Standing There

The first record Ron Deutsch ever bought was a copy of The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There”/”I Want To Hold Your Hand” (Capitol 5112). He paid 29 cents; today, a NM copy of the 1964 pressing would command $100. Photo courtesy Heritage Auctions.

What was the first record you ever bought? Do you still have it in your collection?
RD: Beatles, “Saw Her Standing There.” Woolworth’s 29-cent picture sleeve. No longer have it.

What’s your record-collecting motto/philosophy?
RD: Guitars and more guitars.

What is your favorite musical act of all time?

What is the focus of your collection (genre, band, era, etc.)?
RD: Old white guys playing self-indulgent solos (Neil [Young], Bruce [Springsteen], Rush, etc.).

What are the two most-prized items in your collection (both in dollar value and sentimental value)?
RD: Six hundred-plus concert ticket stubs/autographs.

What are the top three items on your want list right now? How long have you been hunting for them, and why are they meaningful to you?
RD: 1. New music — hunting forever. 2. More live shows. 3. No specific wants, just want to rock!

What is your method of collecting? Where do you usually find the best bargains?
RD: Garage sales and such. I have not made a great find recently.

Who’s your favorite record store operator/record dealer and why?
RD: Amazon. Where I live, I have no choice. I am an ex-employee of Tower, Music Plus, Big Ben’s and Warehouse Records, to name a few.

How long have you been a Goldmine reader?
RD: 1980.

What do you like most about Goldmine (print and online)? What do you like least?
RD: Least: I am not an online fan and prefer the magazine. Don’t like when you give lots of space to ancient history that everyone knows (Stones, Beatles and the like). Looking for more new info.

What articles/features would you like to see in Goldmine?
RD: More live concert info, more new release info.

Additional comments?
RD: You fill a void Rolling Stone can’t. I always learn something in every issue — often, I learn things from the ads, also. I would like more pages and more subscriber involvement; I doubt either will happen. Keep up the good work.

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