Go on an 'Amazing Journey' with The Who

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“I lived it, so I don’t really need to see it. And if I watched it, I would only watch me — I wouldn’t see the whole thing.”

 – Roger Daltrey

RogerDaltreyCRhino2p0.jpgMaximum R&B

The origins of The Who lie in a R&B band called The Detours. The kingpin of that band was one Roger Daltrey, born in Acton, West London.

It may come as a surprise to those who associate Daltrey with the classic instrument-less rock frontman image, but he started out his musical career not as singer, but lead guitarist.

In 1961, Daltrey recruited one John Entwistle to play bass in The Detours. Unlike the extroverted and often brawling Daltrey, Entwistle was a quiet character. However, he had much else in common with his new colleague, for they were both alumni of Action County Grammar School and were born at the same hospital in 1944. Pete Townshend was the next to join, on the recommendation of Entwistle, who had played in bands with Townsh

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