Goldmine Extra: Get to know guitarist Chris Spedding

Chris Spedding is one of the most spectacular, versatile and menacing guitar players to ever come out of the British music scene.

ChrisSpedding-01-01.jpgHe has lit up sessions for everyone from Dusty Springfield to Paul McCartney to Elton John, and is fully entrenched in the legend of rock ?n? roll for having produced the Sex Pistols demos that launched a revolution. More recently, he has been seen sharing the stage with Roxy Music.

Chris? long relationship with Robert Gordon began in the late ’70s, and they spent the next 10 years tearing up America with a particularly vicious version of rockabilly, greased by a good-time lifestyle that left audiences in awe.

Newly reunited with Robert for It?s Now or Never, Chris is at the top of his form.

Q: It?s been a long time since you and Robert have played together. How was it working with him again ? and why a record of Elvis covers?

A: It was a great experience. I had often thought that Robert did Presley stuff very well and should do more. He had always avoided doing Elvis but Robert is established enough with his own style to be able to pull it off. When I mentioned this to him he agreed, he was finally ready to do it. After we realized we were of like mind, everything went very smoothly.

Q: What are your best memories of working with him over the years?

A: I think we are well suited. We both have very strong, direct styles. Robert needs a certain type of guitarist to match his powerful vocals and I’m the man for the job! It was always fun to play with Robert. This music is about having a good time.

Q: Robert said that you guys went through a tough ?divorce.? What happened? Everything is cool again?

A: Yes, we had our differences over the years. We lost contact when I left New York to live in Los Angeles. I was going through some changes and needed a new start in a new city. Once that situation was dealt with, I think we both missed playing with each other. The fans didn’t forget us either and now I believe we are closer than ever.

Q: Robert said you guys used to get pretty wild ?off stage. What kind of trouble did you used to get in?

A: Everything you heard is true.

Q: How have you changed as a player since the early days with Robert?

A: I hope I got better! It would be difficult to play with him and not improve.

Q: How do you feel about switching styles ? from Roxy and Bryan Ferry to roots Rockabilly?

A: I’ve always played with artists with many different styles. But Robert’s show was always a great showcase for a guitar player. It keeps me on my toes.

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