Guitars, memorabilia headline Megadeth Countdown to Extinction Auction

By Susan Sliwicki

Megadeth fans will have 234 different ways to bring a piece of the band’s history into their lives, thanks to Backstage Auctions.

Bidding runs Dec. 1-7, 2014, for the Megadeth: The Countdown to Extinction Auction, which features several decades of the band’s historical tour memorabilia. The auction preview is now live at

From 20 guitars to gear, tour merch, set lists and lyrics — not to mention clothing owned and worn by guitarist Dave Mustaine — the lots offer bidders a veritable trip down Megadeth Memory Lane. Items are accompanied by an artist-signed certificate of authenticity.

Dave Mustaine Megadeth Blood Lust guitar

Dave Mustaine plays his Blood Lust guitar in concert. Photos courtesy Backstage Auctions.

Headlining the auction is Mustaine’s Blood Lust double-necked guitar used in concert during the band’s “Endgame” and “Th1rt3en” tours. The lot includes a case, a used heavy-duty leather guitar strap and a concert-used guitar pick. Starting bid: $10,000.

Dave Mustaine Flying V guitar

Dave Mustaine’s double-necked 18-string Flying V guitar. Backstage Auctions photo.

Other featured instruments include:

• Mustaine’s concert-used DV8 Double-Neck Flying V 18-string guitar.

Made by the ESP custom shop in Takada, Japan, the guitar (at left) shows light wear, is autographed by Mustaine and comes with a concert-used guitar pick and heavy-duty flight case. Starting bid: $7,500.

• Mustaine’s personal ESP Axxion prototype guitar, which he designed, and which was the first one ever made by the custom luthier in 2004.

The axe-like guitar features an all-black finish, black hardware and custom XX inlays on the fingerboard. Also included a heavy-duty flight case, several packs of GHS guitar strings and a concert-used guitar pick. Starting bid: $5,000.

• Prototype No. 1 of the Megadeth Dave Mustaine PC V limited-edition guitar made by Dean Guitars in 2007.

This version featured a large white Megadeth logo across the top of the body, which was removed from the 150 limited edition models that were later released. Starting bid: $5,000.

• Mustaine’s first DV8 Flying V guitar, made in 2003 by ESP. This Excellent condition concert-used instrument features a pearl finish, 8-ball inlay on the first fret (below), and Mustaine’s autograph on the back of the headstock. Starting bid: $5,000.

Dave Mustaine Flying V guitar with 8-ball inlay

An 8-ball inlay is among the features of this Flying V guitar.

The auction also features:

• A selection of guitar strings used during rehearsals, recording sessions and concerts throughout Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and North America, with starting bids ranging from $50 to $150.

• A variety of gear, including preamps, Marshall amps, a roadie tool kit, cabinets and road cases for gear, instruments and wardrobes. Starting bids: $50 to $2,000.

54 concert T-shirts in two designs from the July 2, 2011, Big 4 concert in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Starting bid: $300.

227 tour programs (and one signed) from the band’s 2000 Risk Tour. Starting bid: $500.

• Five unused, heavy-duty, orange jumpsuits made for crew members working on the 2009 Endgame tour. Starting bid: $500.

Set lists and lyrics. Starting bids: $50 to $100.

Megadeth stage banner hero

A variety of Megadeth stage-used banners, including this one for “The World Needs A Hero” tour, are on offer via Backstage Auctions.

Stage backdrops and banners for “Peace Sells,” “Countdown to Extinction,” “Cryptic Writings,” “Risk,” “The World Needs a Hero,” “Blackmail The Universe,” “Endgame,” “Rust In Piece,” “United Abominations,” Gigantour and Gigantour III. Starting bids: $300 to $1,250.

Mustaine’s owned and worn clothing, including swim trunks ($50 starting bid), shirts ($100 to $150 starting bids), T-shirts ($50 to $150 starting bids) and jackets ($100 to $300 starting bids).

Miscellaneous items, including Mustaine’s own tour-used Ultimate Ears monitors ($500 starting bid); Vic Rattlehead tour-used military uniform ($500 starting bid) and platform boots ($150 starting bid).

Megadeth autographed acoustic panel for Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying

Large acoustic panels featuring a variety of Megadeth album covers are among the lots in the upcoming Backstage Auctions. The panels had hung in Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine’s recording studio, known as Vic’s Garage, before he closed the studio.

• Twelve wood-framed, autographed acoustic display panels from Vic’s Garage (Mustaine’s San Marcos, Calif., recording studio), each of which measures 39-1/2 x 39-1/2 inches and depicts a different album cover. Offered are panels for 2009’s “Endgame,” 2007’s “United Abominations,” 2004’s “The System Has Failed,” 2001’s “The World Needs A Hero,” 1999’s “Risk,” 1997’s “Cryptic Writings,” 1994’s “Youthanasia,” 1992’s “Countdown to Extinction,” 1990’s “Rust In Piece,” 1988’s “So Far, So Good, So What,” 1986’s “Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying” and 1985’s “Killing Is My Business” ($100 to $150 starting bids). GM


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