Harmony Lane: Drifters rack up 'Truth in Music' victory

A recent decision published by U.S. District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise has found music promoter Larry Marshak in contempt of court for continuing to use the Drifters name in defiance of a 1999 court-ordered injunction banning use of the Drifters name or “any other name that would be confusingly similar.” The judge referred to Marshak’s “Elsbeary Hobbs Drifters,” which made use of the group’s late bass singer’s name, as “an elaborate shell game.”

CharlieThomasDriftersTB.jpgNew, Up And Coming On CD

The late Pookie Hudson’s final recordings have been released on Bil Carpenter Presents An Uncloudy Christmas, a various artists compilation. Hudson and his Spaniels — first tenor Steven Wade, second tenor Wellington Robinson, baritone Preston Monroe and bass Dexter Combs — particularly shine on the lead singer’s gospel original, “The Angels Watching Over Me.”
A reworking of “I’m Gonna Thank Him,” originally recorded by the Spaniels in 1958 but unreleased until 1984, is given a similar a cappella treatment. Fats Domino’s “Please Don’t Leave Me,” which the group used as their chaser — to open and close their stage shows in the 1950s — makes its studio debut as well.  The disc is available from www.uncloudydays.com.

Charlie Thomas’ Drifters’ new recording, the nostalgic “Take Me Back To The Boardwalk,” which has

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