Lynn Miles on the road to support Black Flowers

Canadian singer-songwriter Lynn Miles is on the road to support Black Flowers Vol. 1-2, her double-disc album that includes both new and old songs. She has won multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards and a Juno award.

“There are so many songs I have written over the years that have never made it on my previous albums. This is a chance for all my songs (new and old” to come to life and be heard. I choose to record this album with the simplicity of my voice, piano and guitar so that the melody and lyrics are the forefront of each song,” Miles said.

Miles’ upcoming U.S. tour dates, cities and locations are:

March 8: Austin, Texas, Artz Rib House
March 17: Austin Texas, SXSW Victoria Ballroom, Driscoll Hotel
March 18: Austin, Texas, Music Fog, SXSW Threadgills Inside Stages
March 19: Austin, Texas, SXSW Continental Club
March 22: Austin, Texas, Artz Rib House
April 23: Narrowsburg, N.Y., Tuston Town Hall
April 24: Roxbury, N.Y., Hilt Kelly Hall
April 25: Stony Brook, N.Y., The University Café
May 1: Columbus, Ohio, Columbus Maennerchor

To download a free MP3 track from the album, visit

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