Market Watch: Buyers flip for Bowie, The Boss and a bunch of soul

By  Robin Platts

An excellent condition copy of the David Bowie 45

An excellent condition copy of the David Bowie 45 “All The Madmen” b/w “Janine” brought nearly $4,000 at online auction.
1. $5,000; Larry Clinton — “She’s Wanted” b/w “If I Knew”: Northern soul continues to dominate eBay vinyl auctions, especially where 45s are concerned.

We start this time with another 7-inch northern soul rarity — a white-label demo copy of Larry Clinton’s 1967 single “She’s Wanted” (AKA “She’s Wanted In Three States”) on the Dynamo label, in very good condition. A VG++ copy of this sold on eBay a few months back for $6,000.

2. $4,226.83; Ricardo Marrero and The Group — A Taste LP: Next up, we have a rare Latin jazz/funk LP from 1976 in near mint (vinyl)/VG+ (sleeve) condition, on the New York-based TSG label.

This album features percussionist Ricardo Marrero (who worked with The Five Stairsteps and Ruben Blades, among others) leading his Group through eight tracks, including “Babalonia,” a minor hit in the late ’70s. Another near-mint copy of this LP appeared in October and sold for $3,449.

3. $3,926; Bruce Springsteen  — “Born To Run” b/w “Meeting Across The River”: Here we have a rare Greek promo 45 of “Born to Run.” Certainly one of the rarest Bruce Springsteen 45s, this is rumored to be one of just 200 pressed back in 1975.

The single is so rare that some collectors have at times questioned its existence, but it is apparently legit and  rather valuable.

4. $3,781.85. David Bowie — “All The Madmen” b/w “Janine”: This is an excellent condition copy of a withdrawn 1970 Bowie single pairing an edited version of “All the Madmen” (from the Man Who Sold the World LP) with “Janine” (from Space Oddity).
There is also a DJ version (with mono and stereo versions of the “All the Madmen” edit), but this stock version (Mercury 73173) appears to be the rarer of the two.

5. $3,333. Dynamic Five — Love Is The Key LP: As detailed extensively here in previous columns, rare soul records regularly dominate the eBay listings for high-end vinyl; however, the rarest and most valuable tend to be 45s.

So, here, for a change, we have a very rare and valuable soul LP by The Dynamic Five, in VG++ condition. Very little information is available about this album, apart from the following: This is probably a promo (there’s a hole punched in the top right corner of the sleeve) and the album may have been kiboshed before hitting retail outlets. Another copy, in near mint condition, sold for $2,325 on eBay in early 2007.

6. $3,300. Dennis Edwards — “Johnnie On The Spot” / “I Didn’t Have To”: Another soul rarity: A VG+ copy of the single Dennis Edwards recorded as a solo artist for the International Soulsville label before his more successful stints with The Contours in (1967-68) and The Temptations (’68-’77).

This single has appeared on eBay a few times in the past several years, fetching anywhere between $3,300 and $4,500.

7. $2,485. Pearl Jam — Pearl Jam LP: Now we move from soul to rock, with an ultra-rare, blue-vinyl pressing of Pearl Jam’s 1991 debut LP, in near mint condition.

8. $2,200. Joe Hill Louis — “She May Be Yours” b/w “We All Gotta Go Sometime”: This one is a VG++ 78 from 1953 — a single by singer/guitarist Joe Hill Louis on the Sun label. As well as recording this single, he also played on sessions for Sun, including Rufus Thomas Jr.’s “Bear Cat.”

9. $2,000. Storm — “Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do” b/w “Hung Up On Each Other”: And we’re back to the soul rarities again with this obscure 1985 single on the Rosette label, in VG++ shape.

This release figured in the British modern soul movement of the ’80s and is featured on the Soul Spectrum II compilation.

10. $2,000. Buddy Cantrell — “You Ain’t No Good” b/w “Why Did You Leave Me”:
We finish up this month with a rare 1969 funk single on the Atlanta-based Tuska label.

This one is in mint-minus condition, although the seller notes this copy has a “storage warp, but tracks OK on my player.” A very good condition copy sold a few weeks earlier for $1,117.

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