Ozzy Osbourne is back with a real ‘Scream’

As for the best of his musical catalog, Ozzy says, “I don’t have a favorite song per se. There are albums I like more than others. I mean ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ with Randy Rhoads was special, a very special album. ‘Bark at the Moon’ was OK, considering what I was going through emotionally. Then it was ‘The Ultimate Sin,’ which was ‘I can take it or leave it.’ Some good songs, but I felt I could have recorded it better.”

“The next big album for me was ‘No More Tears,’ Ozzy says of the album that produced five singles and went four times platinum. “That’s still a great album. I still like hearing them songs.”

Getting back to 2010, Ozzy Osbourne proclaims that, “This one, ‘Scream,’ has a different kind of vibe When I hear an old album, like an old Sabbath album I was singing, I always go back to the feeling that I had when I did the album. I go with the melody. We get the melody first. The lyrics and the melody. My father used to say, ‘If you haven’t got a melody, you haven’t got a song.’ I mean, God bless his soul. But I think if he heard hip-hop now he’d be f**kin’ talking. The hip hop stuff, I mean, some of the lyrics are phenomenal, they really are. So if you’ve got a great lyric, why don’t you put a great vocal melody with it? Some of it, I don’t mind if you’ve got a bit of a song and some rap and then a melody with it, you know?”

With a band made up of drummer Tommy Clufetos, bassist Blasko, keyboardist Adam Wakeman, and new guitarist, Gus G., Ozzy talks about the change that came with the departure of Zakk Wylde. “It’s not changed that much, apart from the fact that I thought I was beginning to sound like, um … what’s his band called? Zakk’s band. My brain, it just started on the left side. Black Label Society. I started to sound like Black Label Society.”

Ozzy insists that Wylde wasn’t fired. “I don’t want anyone to think for one minute that I fired him. I never fired him. He never left. There was nothing to leave. Because all he was doing was his gig and mine. It kind of got to us crashing into each other. But I had to let go, because it’s me rather than him.”

Osbourne hopes fans give guitarist Gus G. a fair shake. “Just give Gus a chance, ’cause there was a time when Zakk was a new guy. Jake E. Lee was a new guy. Randy Rhoads was a new guy. Give him a chance; just check him out. Don’t expect Zakk, because he ain’t Zakk.”

Gus plays the songs like they were written as they were. “That’s not to say Zakk’s bad. Zakk’s phenomenal; I love him. I’m still very good, very friendly. His band’s doing great. We even went —he and his wife, me and Sharon — out to dinner with him a couple of nights ago.”

With the release set for June 22, Ozzy is headed out on the road to support “Scream,” and, of course, on the summer-long OzzFest tour. “We’re on the road for the next year and a half,” he says. “I mean, with touring, I have a love-hate relationship. I love it when it’s going great, and I don’t like it when I’m not singing as good. I’m not going to do, like, a straight 18 months. I’m going to do like five or six weeks on, a few weeks off. So we’re going to have gaps.”

Life on the road,

So just what can fans expect from the tour? “I’m trying to do some different songs, but I’m going to sit down with my band and go through the list. I mean, I have such a body of work to choose from, between Sabbath and my own. I mean, it’s amazing how much. I’ve been doing this thing for 42 years now. I’m amazing,” he laughs.

“I don’t smoke anymore. I don’t do drugs anymore. I don’t drink anymore.” he proudly tells me. As for his family, Ozzy insists, “My kids do what they want, you know, as long as it’s not illegal or stupid. But, mind you, we’re all guilty of doing stupid things sometimes.” But, he adds, “My family is really cool. But that can change in a f**kin’ five-second blast.”

In fact, his son, Jack, is filming a documentary of sorts on his famous father. “I said ‘Jack, don’t just do things that make me look like a f**kin’ saint. I’m not a saint.’ Because, you know, you see some guy on the biography channel or something, and they’ll say how wonderful he is. Well, even Jesus Christ wasn’t always wonderful. Isn’t there one time when he goes ‘F**k, I don’t feel like giving a speech on this mountain.’?”

But in all of his true Ozzy dichotomy, as we end our talk he tells me, “Love you, God bless you. Stay safe now.”


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