The Fabulous Poodles: Mirror Stars/Think Pink

By John M. Borack

With an entertaining and eclectic mix of pub rock, New Wave and Kinks/Elvis Costello-inspired pop, London’s Fabulous Poodles seemed poised to make it big on these shores back in the late ’70s, especially when their U.S. debut, Mirror Stars (culled from the best of their first two U.K. records, with much of the production handled by The Who’s John Entwistle) outsold debuts by The Clash and The Jam.

Alas, even though the band garnered some radio play for the air-guitar hero ode “Mirror Star,” commercial success eluded them and they disbanded not long after 1979’s Muff Winwood-produced Think Pink was released.

Both Mirror Stars and Think Pink are collected here, and even though some of the material verges on juvenile (“Tit Photographer Blues,” “Pink City Twist”), there are enough strong cuts to make this compilation worth investigating. The breezy “Any Port in a Storm,” the Ray Davies sound-alike “Work Shy” and the punked-up Chuck Berry guitar workout of “Anna Rexia” are all aces, as are the nostalgic “B Movies,” the insidiously catchy “Bionic Man” and a faithful reading of The Everly Brothers’ “Man With Money.”

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