The Replacements revamp their final four albums

The Replacements, circa 1990. Photo Credit: Dennis Keeley/courtesy of Reprise Records.

The Replacements, circa 1990. Photo Credit: Dennis Keeley/courtesy of Reprise Records.
Rhino’s sonic overhaul of The Replacements’ catalog has wrapped up with all four of the band’s Sire albums Tim, Pleased to Meet Me, Don’t Tell a Soul and All Shook Down, including previously unreleased tracks.

Rhino launched its upgrade of The Replacements’ catalog to much acclaim in spring 2008, remastering the band’s legendary Twin/Tone canon and expanding it with rare and unreleased songs. Now the both rounds of deluxe edition remastered reissues, including bonus tracks, are available digitally.

Paul Westerberg, Chris Mars and brothers Tommy and Bob Stinson were heroes
of the budding alternative music scene thanks to a trio of riotous albums
they recorded in the early ’80s for their hometown indie Twin/Tone. The
Replacements signed with Sire in 1985, where the band recorded these four
powerful albums before playing its last show in Chicago on July 4, 1991.
Peter Jesperson, the band’s longtime manager, served as producer for the
deluxe editions. As with the Twin/Tone reissues, the band provided
invaluable assistance by selecting the bonus tracks for these reissues —
many of which have never been heard, even by hardcore fans.

Expectations were high for Tim (1985), The Replacements’ major label debut
and follow-up to its most acclaimed album, Let It Be. The band did not
disappoint, returning with another batch of classics like “Kiss Me On The
Bus,” “Left Of The Dial” and the anthemic “Bastards Of Young.”

Recorded in Minneapolis, the album’s 11 songs were produced by the Ramones’ founding drummer and producer, Tommy “Ramone” Erdelyi. Westerberg says: “I can go back and listen and know that those are good songs. Yeah, the [recordings] are a little quirky and a little off…but, you know, a lot of the stuff
that I’ve loved throughout my life didn’t sound perfect. And I kinda like
that about Tim.” 

Of the six bonus songs on the deluxe version of Tim, half are outtakes from a brief session with Alex Chilton of Big Star, a band that had a huge influence on The Replacements. Featured here from that session for the first time ever on CD are “Nowhere Is My Home” and electric and acoustic versions of “Can’t Hardly Wait.”


1. “Hold My Life”
2. “I’ll Buy”
3. “Kiss Me On The Bus”
4. “Dose Of Thunder”
5. “Waitress In The Sky”
6. “Swingin Party”
7. “Bastards Of Young”
8. “Lay It Down Clown”
9. “Left Of The Dial”
10. “Little Mascara”
11. “Here Comes A Regular”
Bonus Material
12. “Can’t Hardly Wait” (Acoustic – Alex Chilton Sessions Outtake) *
13. “Nowhere Is My Home” (Alex Chilton Sessions Outtake)
14. “Can’t Hardly Wait” (Electric – Alex Chilton Sessions Outtake) *
15. “Kiss Me On The Bus” (Tom Erdelyi Demo) *
16. “Waitress In The Sky” (Outtake – Alternate Version) *
17. “Here Comes A Regular” (Outtake – Alternate Version) *

* previously unissued recording

Pleased to Meet Me (1987) was The Replacements’ first album without
founding guitarist Bob Stinson, who exited the band after the final tour
dates in support of Tim. The band, now a trio, went into a Memphis studio
with producer Jim Dickinson, a veteran session player and producer who
helmed Big Star’s dark masterpiece (and ‘Mats’ fave), Third. The album won
rave reviews for memorable songs like “Alex Chilton,” “Skyway” and “Can’t
Hardly Wait,” which surprised some with Dickinson’s propulsive horn and
string arrangement, a truly bold musical move at the time.

Among the 11 bonus tracks on Pleased to Meet Me are unreleased demos
(“Birthday Gal,” “Valentine,” “Bundle Up”) and alternate versions of album
tracks (“Can’t Hardly Wait,” “Alex Chilton”). A mix of covers (“Route 66,”
“Tossin’ ‘N’ Turnin'”) and rarities (“Election Day”) rounds out the


1. “I.O.U.”
2. “Alex Chilton”
3. “I Don’t Know”
4. “Nightclub Jitters”
5. “The Ledge”
6. “Never Mind”
7. “Valentine”
8. “Shooting Dirty Pool”
9. “Red Red Wine”
10. “Skyway”
11. “Can’t Hardly Wait”
Bonus Material
12. “Birthday Gal” (Demo)*
13. “Valentine” (Demo) *
14. “Bundle Up” (Demo) *
15. “Photo” (Demo)*
16. “Election Day”
17. “Alex Chilton” (Alternate Version) *
18. “Kick It In” (Demo) *
19. “Route 66”
20. “Tossin’ ‘N’ Turnin'”
21. “Can’t Hardly Wait” (Alternate Version) *
22. “Cool Water”

* previously unissued recording

Guitarist Slim Dunlap, who toured with The Replacements for Pleased To Meet
, joined the band in the studio for the first time to record Don’t Tell a Soul (1989). Produced by Matt Wallace and the band, the original album featured 11 tracks, including “I’ll Be You,” the band’s highest charting single; and the country-rocker “Achin’ To Be,” a song some critics have credited as one of the founding/defining moments of the Americana roots music movement.

The eight bonus tracks on Don’t Tell a Soul open with “Portland” and “Wake Up” — both recorded in 1988 but not released until 1997 on the compilation All For Nothing/Nothing For All. Also included is the track “Date To Church,” which features Tom Waits and was originally released as the b-side to “I’ll Be You.” Half of the bonus tracks on this deluxe edition are previously unreleased, including a cover of Slade’s “Gudbuy T’ Jane.”

1. “Talent Show”
2. “Back To Back”
3. “We’ll Inherit The Earth”
4. “Achin’ To Be”
5. “They’re Blind”
6. “Anywhere’s Better Than Here”
7. “Asking Me Lies”
8. “I’ll Be You”
9. “I Won’t”
10. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Ghost”
11. “Darlin’ One”
Bonus Material

12. “Portland”
13. “Wake Up”
14. “Cruella DeVille”
15. “Talent Show” (Demo) *
16. “We’ll Inherit The Earth” (Mix 1) *
17. “Date To Church”
18. “We Know The Night” (Outtake) *
19. “Gudbuy T’ Jane” (Outtake) *

* previously unissued recording

The following year, The Replacements released their final album, All Shook Down (1990). The most consistently strong collection of songs in the band’s
entire career, the album stands as one of the most poetic and enduring
epilogues in rock history.

Produced by Scott Litt and the band, the original album features 13 tracks, including “Someone Take the Wheel,” the eerie title track and “Sadly Beautiful,” a ballad originally written for Marianne Faithfull that became revered in The Replacements’ canon. Of the 11 bonus tracks on All Shook Down, eight are unreleased demos for album tracks (“Sadly Beautiful,” “Nobody,” “Attitude”) and the non-album track “Tiny Paper Plane.” The remaining three tracks were previously issued in 1991 on the promotional EP Don’t Sell Or Buy, It’s Crap.


1. “Merry Go Round”
2. “One Wink At A Time”
3. “Nobody”
4. “Bent Out Of Shape”
5. “Sadly Beautiful”
6. “Someone Take The Wheel”
7. “When It Began”
8. “All Shook Down”
9. “Attitude”
10. “Happy Town”
11. “Torture”
12. “My Little Problem”
13. “The Last”
Bonus Material
14. “When It Began” (Demo) *
15. “Nobody” (Demo) *
16. “One Wink At A Time” (Demo) *
17. “Torture” (Demo) *
18. “Attitude” (Demo) *
19. “Happy Town” (Demo) *
20. “Tiny Paper Plane” (Demo) *
21. “Sadly Beautiful” (Demo) *
22. “Kissin’ In Action”
23. “Ought To Get Love”
24. “Satellite”

* previously unissued recording

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