The world outside 'Sgt. Pepper': Other records from '67 are worth remembering

When acknowledging the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper?s Lonely Hearts Club Band, many tend to place it nostalgically alongside love-ins, Monterey Pop, San Francisco, ?Somebody To Love? and ?Light My Fire? as symbols of The Summer Of Love. Perhaps a more fitting way to look at the album would be to put it in a context a little closer to home… The Beatles? home, that is. SmallFaces1.jpg

What follows is a look at some other June 1967 releases by British artists. It?s interesting noting that some discs were not far behind Pepper in terms of studio production. For all the doors of musical experimentation Pepper is said to have opened, some artists had already snuck inside. Regardless, this article by no means intends to downplay Sgt. Pepper?s significance or draw any conclusions. It?s simply a time capsule of what else from England?s music world, besides Pepper, arrived in U.K. record shops the same month.

All catalog numbers and release dates correspond to British pressings.

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