Top 25 prog albums?: Panelists' lists include a little of everything

Top 25 Prog albums lists

Recently, Goldmine polled its panel of prog-rock experts in an attempt to come up with the top 25 progressive-rock albums of all time. The results, printed in the March 30, 2007 issue # 696 of Goldmine, ranged from predictable to totally bizarre, and that’s the way it should be with any list of this sort.

As promised, the Top 25 lists of each writer are posted here, along with a compendium compiled by Hip Cat Records’ owner James B. Cooper that arrived a bit too late to be included in the final tally. So, have at them readers and don’t be afraid to tell us if we’re off our rockers.

James B. Cooper ? owner of Hip Cat Records

Darkside.jpeg1. Pink Floyd ? Dark Side of the Moon (The GREATEST album of all time, of all music genres, not just prog!!)
2. Hawkwind ? Space Ritual
3. Pink Floyd ? Wish You Were Here (sometimes I like this more than The Dark Side of the Moon)
4. Genesis ? Foxtrot (features the epic “Supper’s Ready”)
5. Porcupine Tree ? Stupid Dream (the prog album that keeps on giving)
6. King Crimson ? In the Court of the Crimson King
7. Yes ? Fragile
8. Rush ? 2112
9. Pink Floyd ? Animals (my sentimental favorite Pink Floyd album)
10. Pink Floyd ? The Wall (the ultimate rock opera/concept album)
11. Marillion ? Script for a Jester’s Tear
12. Ozric Tentacles ? Strangitude (features my favorite OT tune “Sploosh”)
13. Porcupine Tree ? The Sky Moves Sideways
14. Genesis ? The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (rock opera masterpiece)
15. Pink Floyd ? The Piper At The Gates of Dawn (mostly a psychedelic album, Intersteller Overdrive & Astronomy Domine are the original progressive rock tunes that singlehandedly create the genre progressive rock!)
16. Marillion ? Misplaced Childhood (the band’s only concept album with singer/lyricist Fish)
17. Rush ? Hemispheres (their first full concept album)
18. Peter Gabriel ? Security (before he went big time he did “Shock The Monkey”)
19. Armageddon ? S/T (features Yardbirds’ vocalist Keith Reif)
20. Pink Floyd ? Meddle (features the epic masterpiece Echoes and the trailblazing instrumental One Of These Days)
21. Steve Hillage ? L (produced by Todd Rundgren and features Utopia)
22. Todd Rundgren ? Todd Rundgren’s Utopia (Todd is a god … a prog god!!)

Dave Thompson

1. Genesis ? Foxtrot
2. Gong ? Camembert Electrique
3. Caravan ? In the Land of Grey & Pink
4. King Crimson ? Court of the Crimson King
5. Tudor Lodge ? S/T
6. Tractor/Way We Live ? A Candle for Judith
7. Steve Hackett ? Voyage of the Acolyte
8. Nick Greenwood ? Cold Cuts
9. Various Artists ? Glastonbury Fayre
10. String Driven Thing ? The Machine That Cried
11. Emerson, Lake & Palmer ? Tarkus
12. Julie Driscoll ? 1969
13. Colin Scott ? … & Friends
14. Colosseum ? Those Who Are About to Die
15. Medicine Head ? Old Bottles, New Medicines
16. Yes ? Fragile
17. Nektar ? Down to Earth
18. Edgar Broughton Band ? Sing Brothers Sing
19. Carmen ? Fandangos in Space
20. East Of Eden ? Mercator Projected
21. Egg ? The Polite Force
22. Kraftwerk ? Autobahn
23. Skin Alley ? S/T
24. Audience ? S/T
25. Anthony Phillips ? The Geese and the Ghost

Jo-Ann Greene

1. The Keith Trippet Group ? You Are Here, I Am There
2. Jade Warrior ? Floating World
3. Julie Driscoll ? 1969
4. Carmen ? Fandangos In Space
5. Shiva’s Headband ? Take Me to the Mountains
6. Edgar Broughton Ba

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