Web Exclusive! Catch up with Candice Night of Blackmore's Night

Listen in to Goldmine’s Q&A with Candice Night, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for Blackmore’s Night, the Renaissance folk act fronted by legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

Secret Voyage is the group’s latest LP, out on SPV Records, and it has that magical blend of ancient melodies and traditional and modern instrumentation that has beguiled so many listeners in recent years.

In this unique Q&A format, we offer up the questions here, followed by a link to click on the podcasted answers from Candice Night. Just click on each link to hear Candice’s answers!

Question 1: Many of the tracks on Secret Voyage explore the folk traditions of countries such as Russia, France, Germany and England. Do you find the lines between the folk music of all those countries are blurred in some ways, or do they all have their own distinct identities?

Answer 1: Click here.

Question 2: Using that as your template, and using Renaissance instruments, it seems the possibilities are endless for Blackmore’s Night?

Answer 2: Click here

Question 3:
Is there a particular folk tradition that you are especially fond of, and does Ritchie share that?

Answer 3: Click here

Question 4: "Gilded Cage" has its roots in French folk traditions. That song has a real romantic quality, that unrequited love theme.

Answer 4: Click here

Question 5: "Toast To Tomorrow" has that celebratory Russian drinking song vibe. Is that one based on folk songs from that country that you’ve heard before?

Answer 5: Click here

Question 6: You do two very interesting covers on this record. One is your version of Elvis’ "Can’t Help Falling In Love." Why did you choose to remake that one, and how did you want to approach it?

Answer 6: Click here

Question 7: And then there’s Rainbow’s "Rainbow Eyes," which is really ethereal and sweeping here. And Ritchie’s guitar playing is otherworldly. Were you cautious at all about doing a song that Ritchie had done with another band?

Answer 7: Click here

Question 8: Where did you gain your interest in Renaissance music?

Answer 8: Click here

Question 9: A lot of your lyrics are inspired by nature and fantasy. How much does ancient  literature influence you?

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