Web Exclusive! Go behind the scenes with prog rockers Tiles

BONUS: For more information, check out Tiles’ Web site at www.tiles-music.com.

If the very nature of being progressive is to be innovative and always moving forward, then Detroit area rockers Tiles certainly adhere to and embrace that philosophy.
The Midwestern quartet has been on the move since the early ’90s carving out a comfortable niche that combines the classic artistry of acts like Kansas or Jethro Tull with the melodic metal of Queensryche or Dream Theater.

“We kind of find ourselves straddling that line between the classic definitions of prog — where we’re a little too heavy for the Genesis-minded fan and probably not heavy enough for the Dream Theater prog-metal-type fan. But that’s been basically our predicament throughout our whole career,” said guitarist Christopher Herin.

Herin, along with lead vocalist Paul Rarick, bassist Jeff Whittle and drummer Mark Evans have always been aware of this creative conundrum. But what’s a self-respecting progressive rock band supposed to do but acknowledge that fact and move on. Their diversity certainly has not been a hindrance.

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