Web Exclusive! Review of the Day ? Fishbone: Still Stuck In Your Throat


Still Stuck in Your Throat

Sound In Color (SIC031)

Grade: ****

The bastard children of the Bad Brains emerge from a six-year exile with Still Stuck in Your Throat, a new batch of tasty sonic gumbo made from essentially the same old Fishbone recipe.

Throw punk, funk, metal, ska, reggae, soul and jazz into a blender and watch it whizz around till it blends into liquid song structures, fat grooves, “laugh your ass off” song changes and pure energy. That last part comes courtesy of hyperactive, stage-diving saxophonist/percussionist/theremin player Angelo Moore. He and funk-powered bassist Norwood Fisher are the only remaining founding members left, but they’ve recruited a hot new lineup that’s reportedly destroying live venues left and right.

Foremost among the newbies is Rocky George, guitarist for Suicidal Tendencies. His heavy, thrashing guitar riffs punish the unrelenting fury of “Let Dem Ho’s Fight” and “Frey’d F**kin’ Nerve Endings.”

Typical of the “off their nut” jams of Fishbone old, “Skank ‘N Go Nuttz” is a manic ska-metal hybrid full of insane screams and whoops, a blinding blizzard of guitar notes and generous dollops of horns that impossible to resist.

Along the same lines, but more soulful, smooth and psychedelic, the dance-happy “Party With Saddam” is politically aware, but not heavy-handed and preachy.

Truth be told, this might be the best Fishbone lineup ever.

Dre Gipson’s keys and synth parts dart in and out of the fray, adding texture and nuance to the proceedings, while John “Wetdaddy” Steward displays immense power and deft touch on the drums, especially on the jazzy, soul-inspired “We Just Lose Our Minds,” a swirling, thick undertow of rich vocals, seductive bass lines, metal guitars and easy horns.

Where Fishbone used to lose its freakin’ mind and abandon anything resembling song structure, this new incarnation is able to harness its frenetic musical chops long to create ass-shaking, easy-to-love, honest-to-goodness songs that take their own sweet time to develop.

Long live Fishbone!

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