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Absolute Garbage

Geffen Records (000933802)

Grade: ****

All hail the queen and kings of modern goth-metal-disco-pop.

Garbage has released its first hits package, and it does what any good hits package is supposed to do: charted hits ? check; fan favorites ? check; bonus song exclusive to this collection ? check.

The CD offers 17 previously released songs plus the aforementioned new song from Shirley Manson and the guys (drummer Butch Vig and guitarists Duke Erikson and Steve Marker).

The Madison, Wis.,-based band never has been ?the strangest of the strange? nor ?the coolest of the cool? (as sung in ?Queer?), but the group has at the best of times come close to that, and at least done an excellent job of straddling the two. Their dark charisma oozes on such songs as ?Queer,? ?Stupid Girl,? ?I?m Only Happy When It Rains,? and many more.

?You Look So Fine? perhaps embodies the self-destructive milieu of their music best with its beautifully scary sound and lyrics.
The special-edition version of this collection comes with a second CD of remixes, which, while are cool, for the most part ? especially ?The World Is Not Enough (Unkle Remix)? ? aren?t superior to the original versions.

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