Web Exclusive! Review of the Day ? Hanson: The Walk


The Walk

Available May 22

3CG Records

Grade: ***

Since their ?MMMbop? days, the three Brothers Hanson (Zac, Taylor, and Isaac) have been dealing with the image of poppy one-hit wonders.

And it hasn?t been easy. The mere mention of the band?s name regularly garners looks of ?Who? Those kids??

Well, ?MMMBop? was a decade ago and those ?kids? have grown up.

I can?t say I?ve been a big Hanson fan, either. I?ve always respected them for playing their own instruments and writing their own music, plus being musically proficient at such a young age. Also, getting along well enough with siblings to keep the band together is no small feat, as has been evidenced many times throughout the history of rock/pop music.

However, the bubble-gummy side of their early fame days kept them not near and dear to my faves list. In recent years, however, I?ve heard mumblings about how their music is more cerebral and mature.

So, I gave The Walk a try.

While the songs are in general well-done and worth at least a spin or two, a couple stand out as particularly remarkable.

The best tracks are ?Great Divide? and the ballad ?Go.? The latter one boasts lead vocals ? for the first time ? by the youngest Hanson, Zac, and it has Top 10 single written all over it. It?s very catchy, dramatic, and memorable.

When the band released ?Great Divide? on iTunes, all profits went to an AIDS-prevention organization, and the trio have traveled to Africa as activists in the fight against that disease.

Regardless of the music, they appear to have grown into socially conscious young men.
The band has matured, and their music is more cerebral.

However, there?s still room for growth on both counts.

Nonetheless, there?s much promise on this album, and I look forward to seeing where these guys are a handful of years and a couple more albums down the road.

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