Web Exclusive! Review of the Day ? Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight

LinkinParkCD-01-01.jpgLinkin Park

Minutes to Midnight

Warner Bros. Records (123004-2)

Rating: ***

For this, their third full-length studio album (not counting the 2002 remix album, Reanimation), Linkin Park has largely abandoned the rap-metal mixture that it made famous (and made them famous) starting with the 2001 single ?In the End.?

The result is perhaps less pleasing than their first two albums, but the band is still vibrant and entertaining, and the sound on this effort will please fans and casual LP fans alike.

The first single, ?What I?ve Done,? is arguably the albums best track. It display?s LP?s penchant for superbly done dark drama.

?In Between? features Mike Shinoda taking over lead vocal duties (as he often does) from regular lead-vocalist Chester Bennington. There?s logic to the notion that Shinoda ? who since the last LP album was leader on the 2005 side project band Fort Minor ? has a voice better suited to the darker, heavier LP sound than Bennington, whose voice often has a boy-band ring to it.

Other excellent songs include ?In Pieces? and ?Hands Held High? (again, Shinoda on lead vocals).

Minutes to Midnight is another successful album from Linkin Park, and fans of the band and the genre should pick it up.

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