Web Exclusive! Review of the Day ? The Shake: "Kick It"

The Shake

Kick It


Grade: **

The garage-rock revolution just won’t die. Not with young guns like New York City?s The Shake taking up for the cause.

Long on youthful energy and bravado, but short on fresh ideas and attention-grabbing songs, The Shake?s debut, Kick It, is the product of hours spent listening to ’60 s British Invasion touchstones like the Kinks and the Yardbirds, and yet there?s a slight mod influence courtesy of The Jam in tracks like ?Eight O?Clock? and ?Outcast,? with its slashing guitars and super-ball bounce.

Swaggering rockers ?Dyin? Ain?t the End of the World,? ?Princes And Kings? and ?Manic Boogie? simmer with tough, meaty riffs and have a real punk bite to them, while ?Devil?s Side? has the cocksure blues feel of early Rolling Stones? material.

Land mines in the form of awkward song construction and weak vocal parts blow up much of what The Shake has built, however, killing the record’s momentum. The potential is there, but attitude will only get them so far.

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