Web exclusive! Rhino to release Genesis 2-CD hits compilation

Rhino Records is celebrating the reunion of Tony Banks, Phil Collins and MIke Rutherford ? and the bandmates’ subsequent return
to the road at Genesis ? with a two-CD collection.

Thirty-four classic tracks comprise Turn It On Again (Tour Edition). The CD will be
available Sept. 11 at regular retailers and online at www.rhino.com for
a suggested list price of $19.98.

GenesisCD-01-01.jpgTurn It On Again features more than two and a half hours of classic Genesis. It reflects the band’s evolution from its prog-rock roots to its later pop
triumphs. The double-disc set draws mainly from the supergroup’s most
successful incarnation, which featured Collins on lead vocals.

collection opens with the hit song that gives this collection its name and
includes the #1 Billboard pop smash “Invisible Touch” and the Top 5 hits
“In Too Deep,” “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight,” “Land Of Confusion,” and
“Throwing It All Away.” Also featured are fan favorites “No Reply At All,”
“Misunderstanding,” “Paperlate,” “Abacab,” “A Trick Of The Tail” and
“Follow You Follow Me.”

The collection revisits early Genesis with several selections featuring
founding member Peter Gabriel: “The Knife (Part 1)” from Trespass (1970),
“I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” from Selling England By The Pound
(1973), “Counting Out Time” from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974),
plus “Happy The Man,” a rare single from 1972.

In addition, the set includes
the 1999 remix of 1974’s “The Carpet Crawlers,” featuring both Collins and
Gabriel on lead vocals.

One of the top-selling recording acts of all time, Genesis has sold more
than 130 million records throughout its long career. Today, a new
generation is discovering Genesis thanks to the tour, along with
recognition on VH1 Rock Honors and the release of the box set GENESIS: 1976-1982, the first in a
series of three from Rhino Records that will spotligh Genesis’ 13 studio albums.

In November, Rhino Records will debut the second in the series of box sets
with GENESIS: 1983-1998. The 5-CD/5-DVD set encompasses four studio
albums recorded between 1983 and 1998, plus a bonus disc offered
exclusively with this collection that will also feature B-sides and

The track listing for Turn It On Again is:
Disc 1

1. “Turn It On Again”

2. “No Son Of Mine”

3. “I Can’t Dance”

4. “Hold On My Heart”

5. “Jesus He Knows Me”

6. “Tell Me Why”

7. “Invisible Touch”

8. “Land Of Confusion”

9. “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”

10. “In Too Deep”

11. “Throwing It All Away”

12. “Mama”

13. “That’s All”

14. “Illegal Alien”

15. “Abacab”

16. “No Reply At All”

17. “The Carpet Crawlers 1999”

Disc 2

1. “Paperlate”

2. “Keep It Dark”

3. “Man On The Corner”

4. “Duchess”

5. “Misunderstanding”

6. “Follow You Follow Me”

7. “Many Too Many”

8. “Your Own Special Way”

9. “Afterglow”

10. “Pigeons”

11. “Inside And Out”

12. “A Trick Of The Tail”

13. “Counting Out Time”

14. “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”

15. “Happy The Man”

16. “The Knife (Part 1)”

17. “Congo”

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