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“I Like Food, Food is Good”
254 pages I Like Food-01-01.jpg

Ever wonder what Franz Ferdinand likes to nosh on between rock shows or what kind of culinary experiments Death Cab for Cutie cooks up while out on the road? Find out with “I Like Food, Food Tastes Good,” Kara Zuaro’s new cookbook.

Jam-packed with more than 100 recipes from faves such as the Violent Femmes, The Decemberists, They Might Be Giants, M.Ward and Superchunk, this cookbook is sure to satisfy most appetites. Seven chapters offer choices for breakfasts, sides, salads, starters, soups, drinks, main dishes, sandwiches and desserts. The book is on store shelves now.

“Rockabilly Legends: They Called it Rockabilly Long Before They Called It Rock and Roll.”
288 pages plus DVD
Hal Leonard Corp.

The man who stepped up to the mic as lead singer of The Crickets after Buddy Holly’s death weaves his personal recollections of rockabilly royalty with the mythic beginnings and sometimes tragic endings of epic artists in “Rockabilly Legends: They Called it Rockabilly Long Before They Called It Rock and Roll.”

Entertainer Jerry Naylor, along with co-author Steve Halliday, take a in-depth look at key artists, including Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent.

Bonus alert: “Rockabilly Legends” comes with a one-hour DVD of rockabilly performances. Look for the book and DVD package starting June 1.

“Storms: My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac”
400 pages
Chicago Review Press

Fleetwood Mac fans can get the juicy scoop on the famous band’s infamous behavior with “Storms: My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac” by Carol Ann Harris.

Due out in July, the book is written from Harris’ point of view and based on her personal notes and taped diaries. It begins with The Mac’s tumultuous rise to stardom with the Rumours album and follows the supergroup through its triumphs, trials and excesses to its near-breakup in 1984.

In the introduction, Harris — one-time girlfriend of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham — says she chose to write the book because she wanted to share the truth about the band and to go on the record about this time in her life that was “happy, tragic, historic, and resonant with the music of its era.”

“Green Day: Rebels With a Cause”
304 pages
Omnibus Press

No Dookie! Get an in-depth account of Green Day’s 20-year journey to the top in the new biography, “Green Day: Rebels With a Cause,” which hit store shelves March 15.

Author Gillian G. Garr tells the story of the Californian champions of alternative rock. Incisive interviews and first-hand accounts expose as much about the music scene as the band members themselves.

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