Where Are They Now: Nirvana’s past members

By Gillian G. Gaar

Though it was best known as a trio, Nirvana was host to a number of musicians over the years. Here’s what they’re doing today.

JASON EVERMAN, who was a second guitarist in Nirvana in 1989, is currently studying philosophy at Columbia University.

Foo Fighters features two Nirvana alumni: frontman Dave Grohl (front left) and guitarist Pat Smear (center back). Courtesy RCA/Steve Gullick

PAT SMEAR, Nirvana’s second guitarist in 1993 and 1994, plays with DAVE GROHL’S Foo Fighters.

Mudhoney’s Dan Peters (far right) played drums on Nirvana’s “Sliver” single. Courtesy Sub Pop / Shawn Brackbill

DAN PETERS, who played drums for one show and on the “Sliver” single, is a long time member of Mudhoney. The band’s last album was “The Lucky Ones,” released in 2008.

Melvins drummer Dale Crover (far left) is one of several musicians to do a tour of duty in Nirvana (Publicity photo).

DAVE FOSTER, who drummed for Nirvana for a few months is 1988, now plays drums for Psycho Samaritan, who hope to record “soon.” One of his previous bands, Suckerpunch, recently played a reunion show in Aberdeen, Wash.

DALE CROVER, who played drums on Nirvana’s first demo and briefly toured with them in August 1990, is still a member of the Pacific Northwest’s original grunge band, The Melvins (now based in California). The band’s last studio album was 2010’s “The Bride Screamed Murder;” its live outing, “Sugar Daddy Live,” was released May 31 on Ipecac Recordings.

AARON BURCKHARD, Nirvana’s first drummer, has a new band, Screaming Sons OfÖ. He recently recorded guest appearances for an upcoming album by Columbus, Ohio,-based band Nerd Table, playing drums on a new song and on a cover of Nirvana’s “Floyd The Barber.” The session was recorded at the home studio of Tad Doyle (of Seattle band TAD, currently playing in Brothers of the Sonic Cloth), where Burckhard hopes to record demos of his own band.

Back in the days of ‘Bleach,’ it was Chad Channing (far right) behind the drum kit for Nirvana, along with frontman Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic. Courtesy Sub Pop Records

CHAD CHANNING, drummer on Nirvana’s “Bleach” album and with the band for two years, is currently playing in two bands, Before Cars and Paundy (playing bass and guitar, not drums).

“I am in the middle of writing stuff for a second Before Cars record,” he says. “Hopefully I can start recording some demo work in the next couple of months. We are also tentatively planning a possible Europe tour for the summer of 2012; There are a few music festivals going on that we want to try and hit.”

Community work and college top Krist Novoselic’s agenda these days (Publicity photo).

KRIST NOVOSELIC was last in a band when he played with Flipper from 2006 to 2008. He occasionally plays at various benefits, but directs most of his energies to community/political work, serving as Grange Master for the Grays River Grange in Washington state and as the chair of FairVote, a nonprofit that works for electoral reform. He gave up his column for the “Seattle Weekly” Web site last year in order to attend Lower Columbia Community College, studying pre-law (“I’m getting straight A’s,” he told journalist Keith Cameron). But he did find the time to make an appearance on Foo Fighters’ latest record, “Wasting Light.”

Head Foo DAVE GROHL has always been the busiest former member of Nirvana, and 2011 looks to be no exception. The same week “Wasting Light” was released, the Foos also released a special album for Record Store Day, “Medium Rare,” which features 11 non-album tracks the band’s released over the years (all cover songs), and two previously unreleased versions of Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” and The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year” (copies can found selling for upwards of $40 on eBay).

This June saw the release of the Foos documentary, “Back and Forth” on DVD and come September, Paul Brannigan’s “This Is A Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl” will be published (a book which has Grohl’s cooperation). The band is currently touring the U.S. and Europe in support of “Wasting Light,” and given the group members’ love of live performance, they’ll probably still be on the road into the next year.


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