White Hills breaks down Hawkwind

By Dave W.

A perfect space-rock storm of drone, mind-melting psychedelia, overdriven guitars and heavy bass, White Hills is the rightful heir to Hawkwind’s massive legacy. One of those responsible for the group’s sprawling, drug-induced nightmares of 2007’s Heads On Fire and 2009’s Dead is Dave W. Big fans of Hawkwind, Dave W. and White Hills once contributed “Be Yourself” (from Hawkwind’s 1970 self-titled debut) to a series of Hawkwind tribute split 7-inch singles. Dave W. gives us his favorite five Hawkwind albums:

Warrior On The Edge Of Time:
First off, how can you not like an album with a title like this! Definitely the top of the list for me. This, their fifth album, has to be Hawkwind’s most motorik album ever. The driving rhythms really pound away on such tracks as “Assault & Battery,” all the way to the unsung instrumental “Opa-Loka,” “Magnu,” “Warriors,” and “Kings Of Speed” … it’s heavy, spacey and well-paced. It’s also the last album with Lemmy on board.

Space Ritual:
This was the first Hawkwind album I ever heard — needless to say it was a life-changing experience. Is there a better live album than this? I think not. Catching the band at their peak in 1972 this album is psychedelic as f**k … even sober this album makes you feel like you are tripping or like you want to kick some ass.

In Search Of Space: Opening the album with the 15-plus minute “You Shouldn’t Do That” launches you in to deep space immediately … the tracks on this album float well together, taking you up and bringing you down beautifully. It is also raw and immediate soundiing, which adds an over-the-top urgency to it.

Doremi Fasol Latido: The third offering from these space punks — another relentlessy pounding aural assault. Even the quieter tracks take you down. “The Watcher” … what a haunting masterpiece and a perfect way to end a great album.

Quark Strangeness And Charm: More focused than ever before, this album marks Hawkwind’s move towards more focused hard-driving “pop” songs. One thing that has always drawn me to this album is it’s glam and camp sensibilities.


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