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Power Pop Plus: Time for More Reviews!

Power Pop Plus blogger John M, Borack reviews worthy releases for the month: David Myhr, Greg Pope, Jeff Whalen, Kyle Vincent, Lisa Mychols, Rubinoos, Super 8 Super 8, The Condors and more.

Reviews: Rolling Stones, Poptone, Judy Dyble, Public Image Ltd, Yes, Bob Marley, Prana Crafter, Pugwash, the Junipers, Fuchsia, the Breretons, Trappist Afterland, Wellgreen, Greek Theatre, Ted Hawkins, Walter Salas-Humara

published in Goldmine, October/November 2018 issues Ah, the ongoing saga of Mick’n’Keef’n’Charlie, too.  To some, they’re more Strolling Bones than Rolling Stones, a travelling Broadway musical plowing through the same old crowd-pleasing motions to the strains of an iPod playlist. …

CD Review: Addison Love’s “Thoughts on Lunch?”

Addison Love – Thoughts on Lunch? (Big Stir) Those who claim that power pop music is an old(er) man’s game should rejoice mightily upon hearing Addison Love’s excellent debut record, Thoughts on Lunch? Love is a 22-year-old wunderkind from Orange …

Soft Cell – “Keychains and Snowstorms” box set review

For nine CDs of generally excellent sonics, generally brilliant music, and a heap of ’80s memories that you may or may not thank the 12-inch mixes for reminding you of, “Keychains and Snowstorms” is spectacular.  Soft Cell were, after all, the only band in the entire synthipop boom that was carved of anything more than MTV-friendly pop.