60 Minutes profiles Roger Waters

Roger Waters discussed his current tour of The Wall and other topics when he was profiled this past Sunday night on CBS News’ 60 Minutes.

By John Curley

On its broadcast this past Sunday, May 20th, CBS News’ 60 Minutes featured a profile on Roger Waters. In the profile, Waters was interviewed by Steve Kroft and expounded on a number of subjects. The profile primarily focused on Waters’ current tour of The Wall, which will play football and baseball stadiums in America this summer. On the subject of why The Wall has meant so much to so many people, Waters told Kroft, “I think it strikes some chords that may be just beneath surface in most of us. What it’s about is the walls that exist between human beings, whether on a family level or on a global level. And I think that resonates with people.”

The profile of Waters that was broadcast on Sunday night can be viewed on the 60 Minutes Web site.

The 60 Minutes Web site also features bits of the interview that were not included in the broadcast version. These are known as 60 Minutes Overtime. To watch each item, click on the appropriate link below:

Waters discusses why he left Pink Floyd.

Waters discusses the conception of The Wall.

Waters discusses standing up against corrupt authority.

Waters discusses taking The Wall on tour.

To read the transcript of 60 Minutes’ broadcast piece on Waters, see the 60 Minutes Web site.

Tour dates for Waters’ performance of The Wall can be found on Waters’ official Web site.

To read Goldmine’s review of Waters’ October 5, 2010 performance of The Wall at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, click here. (NOTE: The review does contain spoilers.)

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