Adele performs great live session for XFM Manchester

Adele recently stopped by the XFM Manchester studios to perform a live session and to be interviewed by DJ Clint Boon.

By John Curley 

Adele recently visited the studios of XFM Manchester to perform a three-song live session for a small audience of listeners. She performed “Hometown Glory” from her debut album and two songs from her forthcoming album 21—“Someone Like You” and “Rolling In The Deep.” To watch a video of the session, click below: 

In an interview with XFM Manchester’s Clint Boon, Adele discussed the recording of the new album, saying: 

“I don’t accept pressure in my life anyway, even things like tidying up, washing up, doing the washing I don’t accept it. If someone tells me to do it I say, ‘I’ll do it in my own time!’, but when I got back in the studio to write and record this time around I was so excited to be back in the studio because I just love making music.” 

The interview can be heard in full by going to and clicking the “LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE” audio link.

There’s more about Adele’s XFM Manchester session at

Adele’s 21 album is being released on January 24th in the UK and on February 22nd in the USA. Her upcoming European tour starts on March 27th in Berlin.

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