Ancestral Star, 3rd Album by San Francisco’s Barn Owl released yesterday.

by Gary Fletcher

Barn Owl is the collaborative effort of Evan Caminiti (guitars, vocals) and Jon Porras (guitars, vocals, drums, harmonium). The San Francisco duo over the past few years have established themselves as drone perfectionists and it definitely shows in their latest effort. The bands first two releases were on Root Strata and Not Not Fun labels before joining on with the much larger label Thrill Jockey for this latest release.

Evan and Jon are involved in other solo projects as well. Evan released a solo album a few months back titled, West Winds. It is an amazing album of drone doom and would be the perfect compliment to a David Lynch film. David are you listening? Where have you been? Evan is also a talented artist and his paintings evoke the same mystery and emotion that you feel in his music. Check out some of his work here.

Jon’s solo project, Elm has had three releases under its belt to date. The most recent release is the album, Nemcatacoa, which is comprised of 9 songs of pure bliss. Elm’s music is a beautiful mixture of fuzzy drone, noisy psychedelic ragas with vast, earthly soundscapes that transport you to another dimension.

If you are a fan of shoegaze, post-rock, drone or black metal, check out any of these releases by Barn Owl, Evan Caminiti or Jon Porras aka Elm. You will not be disappointed.

Ancestral Star Tracklisting:
1.    Sundown
2.    Visions in Dust
3.    Night’s Shroud
4.    Ancestral Star
5.    Cavern Hymn
6.    Flatlands
7.    Twilight
8.    Awakening
9.    Incantation
10.  Light from the Mesa

Barn Owl upcoming Tour Dates:
Nov 16 Boston, MA
Nov 17 Providence, RI
Nov 18 Brooklyn, NY
Nov 19 Philadelphia, PA
Nov 20 Cincinatti, OH
Nov 21 Chicago, IL
Dec 16 San Francisco, CA

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