Bill Kreutzmann is in step with 7 Walkers

7 Walkers, featuring Bill Kreutzmann, second from right. (Photo by Jay Blakesberg)

By Chris M. Junior

The self-titled debut album by 7 Walkers is coming out this week, and drummer Bill Kreutzmann is already thinking about the second.

Kreutzmann, best known as half of the Grateful Dead drumming tandem, says lyricist Robert Hunter has already provided 7 Walkers with about six new songs.

“We haven’t had time to do them yet,” says Kreutzmann, adding that singer/guitarist Papa Mali still needs to write music for them.

And while the first 7 Walkers album was recorded in Austin, Texas, Kreutzmann is pretty sure the band will be making the second at a new, all-analog studio in New Orleans.

Given the New Orleans feel and flavor of the 7 Walkers’ debut effort, recording the follow-up there would make perfect sense. Stay tuned.

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