Boston promoter Billy Ruane dies at 52

by Bruce Sylvester

Billy Ruane – crazy angel, musical omnivore, bipolar swirling dervish, and, above all, promoter and true friend to Boston’s local music scene – died unexpectedly on Tuesday, October 26, probably of heart problems he refused to have treated.  He was 52.

Dapper yet disheveled, he used his family’s wealth to generously underwrite countless performances in the Boston area, most notably at the Middle East Café (whose music scene he helped to create)  and Green Street Grill.    From punk to Abbey Lincoln, he nurtured it all in one way or another.

The guest book comments at say it all.   Robinson Jeffers’ poem “Love the Wild Swan” (which his longtime friend Tinuviel entered) is gorgeous.

His cremated ashes will reside in an urn at the Middle East Café.   The ultimate scenester and creator of the scene, he’ll be happy there.

RIP, Billy.  Thanks for being here.

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